What is “Paradigm Shift”? Let’s take the below 2 examples.

  1. 6th Dec 1992: Babri Masjid fell. This event marked the beginning of a rejuvenated Hindu society which was slaughtered, raped and pillaged by marauding invaders for last 7 centuries.
  2. 24 December 1737: Marathas under Peshwa Bajirao defeated and chased away the combined forces of Mughals and Nizam after defeating them at the “Battle of Bhopal”. The event marked that Mughal rule in India is all but dead.

Essentially a Paradigm Shift means a complete change which will usher a complete different future for a long period.

Today is Modiji birthday. Modiji’s elevation to power is a Paradigm shift in Indian politics. In this article we wont discuss the reforms undertaken by Modi Govt, but the fundamental shift in political, economic and social thinking which will shape India’s future for next 1000 years.

  1. Migration to a capitalist economy: Indian economy was modelled on socialist lines after Independence. Before Independence, it was mostly feudalistic. Modiji took definitive, open and bold steps to migrate the economy to a model where private players are encouraged, there is no cartelization and customer interests are taken care of. Many new laws and institutions have been built which will ensure easy business without corruption, monopoly and cartelization. A capitalist society results to innovation, growth and well being. We now see people, media and politicians openly supporting privatization of PSUs which was a taboo just 2 decades back.
  2. Aggressive foreign policy: After the Chola Dynasty, Indian society became inward looking and withdrew itself from world affairs. That state continued for several centuries till Modiji changed it. China has gulped Maldives, Nepal and multiple other small counties in Indian Ocean Region. Many such countries due to aggressive foreign and diplomatic policy of Modiji came out of Chinese trap. Joining the QUAD, improved relations with US, EU are other examples. These incidents mark the beginning of a new policy where India is going to play a proactive and aggressive role at a global arena. Indian navy ships are now patrolling the South China Sea. In this process India had dumped the flawed “Non Aligned Policy” of the Nehruvian era and the aloof foreign policy which the post-Chola Kings of India had adopted.
  3. Strengthening the institutions and acceptance of change: Modiji is Sangh’s baby. The beauty of Sangh’s ideology is that it puts “institutions” above “individuals”. For e.g. the Gandhis have tried create an ecosystem which revolves around the Gandhis, Modiji has done just the opposite. Within the BJP, an unofficial principle has been put that no one can remain in public life after the age of 75, this has ensured generational shift in politics. We see Sonia holding the post president for 23 years because her children are incompetent and it is impossible for Sonia to let a non-Gandhi lead Congress. Modiji is taking steps to build and strengthen institutions so that importance of individual(s) is reduced. One example is cleaning/strengthening the judiciary. For company matters NCLTs have been put in place and many others. A culture has been built within the BJP which makes people accept change. We have seen CMs being changed, cabinet reshuffles happening etc. These will force other political parties to move away from “dynastic” models. And it is no coincidence that recently there was a report that the hold of dynastic politicians within their parties is reducing.
  4. Identification of Communist + Jihadi axis as the sole enemy of India: The textbooks, newspapers and academia had so far been painting the picture that West/US is the enemy of India. The reason is simple: all Gandhis has far been working to strength the Islamic and Communist forces in world arena. For e.g. Nehru strengthened China(here), Indira Gandhi strengthened Russia(here) and Sonia Gandhi strengthened China(here). The goal of Communist-Jihadi axis (Russia + China +Pakistan) is nothing but to re-colonize India again. The west doesn’t wat to colonialize India again. During Modiji’s tenure the true face of China came out. Bollywood is dominated by Chinese, Big Chunk of Indian media is dominated by Chinese, the anti-India propaganda in US occurs due to Chinese influence (to make US appear India’s enemy).
  5. Stop of the great Loot: The great looters inside India have always supported the Jihadi + Communist ecosystem. Modiji has taken several steps to stop this loot and corruption. Refer here.

All the above steps will no doubt have impact on India for centuries to come.

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