Kangana Ranaut, the three times national award winner for fine acting skills, has been under attack from all quarters whether it is Shiv Sena in Mumbai or Bollywood gang or now Khalistanis in Punjab for she exposed the farcical farmer protests. Today it was Diljit Dosanjh who tried to take potshot on Kangana Ranaut for her tweet on Bilkis Bano, a professional rag tag protester of Shaheen Bagh occupation. Bilkis Bano has been known in liberal media quarters for their dear lady got into the list of the Time magazine. There is hardly any secret how India’s liberal left media works in cahoots with foreign left liberal media and how they share awards. This is an obvious mutual appreciation group of settings for two similar ideological people.

What is the issue of Bilkis Bano Tweet from Kangana Ranaut?

It is not even tweet but a retweet with some additional information blended with mistaken identity. What Kangana Ranaut meant in her tweet was that the rag tag protester Bilkis Bano is also part of farmers protest outside the Delhi borders. As soon as she realized that she mistook the identity of the old lady, she deleted her tweet. However, there are elements among Congress, Khalistanis and Muslims who are up against her for the obvious reason that she supports nationalistic ideas and cultural nationalism. These elements took screenshot of that tweet and started attacking her for falsehood when there was none.

Now it appears the woman Kangana Ranaut mistook to Bilkis Bano is actually Mahindar Kaur. A video of her has come in public domain which has also been shared by Khalistan supporter Diljit Dosanjh. The small time Punjabi singer and actor not just shared the video but also accused and abused Kangana for the mistake that she amended instantly. Not just Dosanjh abused Kangana but also brought in his trolls to attack and abuse her that cannot be quoted here. The most deplorable thing that came from the tweets from his supporters is that they are all misogynistic and outright obscene.

Kangana Ranaut is Still Correct on her tweet

Although that was a mistaken identity, Kangana is still correct on her stand that Bilkis Bano is part of farmers protest in Singhu Border of Delhi. The video have surfaced where the old lady is shown talking with media professionals from the very spot where farmers are protesting. Now the point is why the usual suspects are are attacking and hounding Kangana Ranaut? The answer lies deeper in their hate against her. She is quite vocal on the issues of national interest and as a citizen she is also extremely concerned about the security of people as anything could happen in the ongoing protest.

Kangana Ranaut knows what happened in Delhi after Shaheen Bagh protests earlier this year and she also knows the same people are behind the ongoing protests in Singhu Border of Delhi. Whereas Diljit Dosanjh is known for his sympathies with Khalistanis, Kangana Ranaut has been a vocal leader for the national unity. This however, does not gel well with the ‘Breaking India Forces’ or Tukde-Tukde Gang who are up in arms against Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana Ranaut is a soft target for Breaking India Forces

Although she is brave enough to fend herself against attacks whether it is from Shiv Sena or Khalistanis or Bollywood gang she must be feeling alone as there are no set quarters that come to support her. A few nationalists here and there are to support her whenever left liberal and Shiv Sena vultures attack her but so far she has been fending on her own. The lonely battle is definitely a big risk not just for physical security but her career as well. This sense of being lone warrior has also come up in her tweets where she has said several times how has she risked everything for TRUTH.

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