On the occasion of World Population Day, SP MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke said that children are not produced by humans, but nature creates. Burke said that when Allah intends to have children, He will also give food.

Shafiqur Rahman Burke, Samajwadi Party MP from Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh, said on the occasion of World Population Day that nature creates children, not humans. Burke said- The production of children is not related to human beings but with nature and Allah.He said that when Allah-Tala intends to have a child, he also makes arrangements for his food along with him. Referring to the Population Control Act, he said that earlier they used to say that the population of Muslims is less and now they say that their number is very high.

The SP MP said that instead of bringing a population control law, the government should emphasize on the education of the people. He said that whether a man is small or big, he is poor or rich, the government should take the responsibility of education and employment of the poor. Burke said that when education comes, the population itself will decrease.He said that education makes people aware. He also said that illiteracy is not the problem of any one class but the problem of all.

Shafiqur Rahman Burke said that the government should bring a policy regarding educating people. He said that today the youth are not getting employment but the government is not taking any step in this direction. He said that the government is talking like this about the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He said the government should not do such things for elections.

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