This is a summary of my personal experience with Amazon which day in and day out puts up products insulting Hindu Gods and Goddesses on its portals worldwide regularly despite protests.

Amazon India has now resorted to selling Chinese items by marking them as “Made in India” to fool Indian customers. I personally had a follow up with the customer care on this. Below is the transcript of my chat with the customer care attendant.

23 November 2020 4:17:38 PM Dipti (CSA) : Good Afternoon.I am Dipti from Amazon Business Team
Are you referring to ‘    ZOSOE Electronic Thick Tempered Glass & LCD Display Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weight Scales For Body Weight, Weight Scale Digital For Huma  ‘ is this the item?

23 November 2020 4:17:45 PM ANKIT SHAH : I bought a weighing machine

23 November 2020 4:17:46 PM ANKIT SHAH : yes

23 November 2020 4:18:24 PM Dipti (CSA) : Yes I see that the item is marked as delivered.May I please know the issue you are facing?

23 November 2020 4:18:55 PM ANKIT SHAH : yes it is made in china whereas the webpage says its country of origin as India

23 November 2020 4:19:47 PM Dipti (CSA) : I am really sorry for this inconvenience regarding that it is not the one which you had expected.

23 November 2020 4:20:17 PM Dipti (CSA) : The item is having a return window should I create return pickup for you can return this item and place a new order?

23 November 2020 4:20:36 PM ANKIT SHAH : I want the webpage edited asap first

23 November 2020 4:21:52 PM Dipti (CSA) : Yes we will get this rectified for you Sir as we do not to face such issues with any of our customers. I apologize for your experience with Amazon this time. You are a valued customer and we would never want you to face this again.

23 November 2020 4:22:56 PM ANKIT SHAH : I need an email with the link of the updated webpage. how much time does amazon needs for doing this?

23 November 2020 4:24:37 PM ANKIT SHAH : we Indians dont want our money flowing to Chinese communist party. Amazon should not be participating in thuggery by selling chinese items showcasing them as indian origin product.

23 November 2020 4:25:06 PM Dipti (CSA) : I understand your concern however Sir this information will be rectified from our internal and for this there is no exact timeline. Being Amazon Business an online shopping platform we would never want our customers to face such issues.

23 November 2020 4:25:32 PM ANKIT SHAH : You mean to say i wont get an email ?

23 November 2020 4:26:33 PM Dipti (CSA) : Yes because this rectified product will be updated automatically when we raise the issue internally for you by now I have created return pickup which this is not the product which you have placed as it is Made in China product

23 November 2020 4:26:56 PM ANKIT SHAH : who told you that i want a return?

23 November 2020 4:27:56 PM Dipti (CSA) : As you were complaining regarding product therefore to help you I had created pickup if you do not want to return I can cancel return pickup right now.

23 November 2020 4:28:28 PM ANKIT SHAH : Do not play around with me. I want the webpage edited first.

23 November 2020 4:29:10 PM Dipti (CSA) : I am not playing around with you I am only trying to help you here. As you have complained we have raised the issue to our concerned team so that this information can be rectified

23 November 2020 4:29:38 PM ANKIT SHAH : I am saving the entire conversation. If Amazon does not update the webpage, there will be legal as well as social media consequences.

23 November 2020 4:30:06 PM ANKIT SHAH : I want the product with me till the webpage is updated with correct information.

23 November 2020 4:30:49 PM Dipti (CSA) : As a customer you have every right Sir. I am really sorry if I went any where. However I am unable to comment on this. Regarding updated information this has been already escalated to our concerned  team

23 November 2020 4:31:48 PM Dipti (CSA) : Also as a customer you can report the issue from your end from website by clicking on ‘ Report incorrect product information.’ You can report the issue and then the catalog team will reply you back at your registered email-id

23 November 2020 4:32:16 PM ANKIT SHAH : they haven’t. I already did that.

23 November 2020 4:32:45 PM Dipti (CSA) : Great ! Kindly wait for their reply because the team takes a timeline of 3-5 business days

23 November 2020 4:33:30 PM ANKIT SHAH : you dont have timeline about the request which you get, but you know the timeline of the other department.

23 November 2020 4:34:41 PM ANKIT SHAH : Do read consumer protection bill amended over the 1986

23 November 2020 4:34:54 PM ANKIT SHAH : and the competition act 2002 amended last year

23 November 2020 4:35:33 PM ANKIT SHAH : i will check the webpages tomorrow and will check other pages too where amazon is doing this thuggery to cheat indians

23 November 2020 4:35:40 PM Dipti (CSA) : I am really sorry this information is unable to get it read from my side. Do you want me to cancel the return pickup which I created on this order ?

23 November 2020 4:36:22 PM ANKIT SHAH : You know what i want already. I am keeping the product till you stop the thuggery for my other actions that i am considering

23 November 2020 4:37:28 PM Dipti (CSA) : Okay. The issue is already raised and we would try our level best that it is rectified as soon as possible.

23 November 2020 4:37:35 PM Dipti (CSA) :  Is there anything else I can assist you with?

23 November 2020 4:38:28 PM ANKIT SHAH : hold on. let me save the conversation.

23 November 2020 4:38:34 PM Dipti (CSA) : Sure

What is important to note is that the website still carries “Made in India” tag on the above mentioned product. So they have a policy to loot as many Indians as they can by selling Chinese products. Anyone complaining, if at all is offered only exchange or refund, the webpage remains unedited to trap more Indian customers. Imagine the number of products Amazon must be selling like this.

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