Two Pakistani men raped an American woman in the Punjab province of Pakistan on Tuesday who was on a visit to make blogs for her blogging site. The victim was invited by her Pakistani friends on social media.

The incident, according to the police, took place 500 kilometres from Lahore in the Dera Ghazi Khan district’s Fort Monroe hill station. The online friends of the victim, Muzamil Sipra and Azan Khosa, who encouraged the survivor to create video blogs hosted her when she went there. The victim manages a Facebook page and blogs in videos.

According to Anwar Baryar, the deputy commissioner of the DG Khan area, the American national arrived at Fort Monroe from Karachi after getting an invitation from the aforementioned Pakistani men. On Sunday after landing in Lahore, she paid a visit to Muzmal Sipra’s home. Sipra resides in Punjab’s Rajanpur district, which is 550 kilometres from Lahore.

The 21-year-old survivor had been on a tourist visa in Pakistan for the previous seven months.

According to a copy of the FIR received by PTI, the survivor went to Fort Monroe on Sunday and recorded a vlog there with Sipra and his friend Azan Khosa.

The victim claimed that the accused gang-raped her inside a hotel and recorded the incident on camera to use as leverage against her. The victim stated, “We stayed in a hotel at Fort Monroe where both suspects gang-raped me and also made a video of the act to blackmail me.”

The Border Military Police detained Sipra, and raids are currently being conducted to detain Azan Khosa. They have been accused of violating Pakistani Penal Code Sections 376 and 292 B. According to the authorities, the survivor had a medico-legal examination.

Hamza Shehbaz, the chief minister of Punjab, said he was aware of the occurrence. Shehbaz told PTI, “The suspects will be given exemplary punishment according to the law and justice be provided to the victim.”

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