Kudos to Delhi Police for averting a plan to murder Swami Yati Narasinghanand the head priest of Dasna Devi Temple to teach him a lesson for daring to criticise Islam’s founder, Mohammad.

Jan Mohammad Dar, a resident of Pulwama has been arrested by Delhi Police from a hotel in Paharganj on Sunday for planning to murder Yati Narasinghanand.

The police recovered from his possession a saffron kurta, a kalava (a holy thread worn by Hindus), a string of beads, sandalwood paste, a box of kumkum and a .30 bore pistol and two magazines containing 15 live rounds.

In the investigation it was revealed that Dar was given the task by Pakistani terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad to murder Yati by dressing up like a Hindu Sadhu.

Jan Mohammed Dar, a carpenter by profession, came in contact with a JEM operative Abid in December 2020. Abid operated from PoK and reportedly motivated Dar to work for the terror outfit. On April 2nd, 2021 he met Dar in Anantnag and asked him to muder Yati by showing Yati’s viral video criticising Islam’s founder Mohammed.

Dar was then given a pistol, trained and promised a substantial amount of money for getting the job done. He was paid 6,500 Rs in cash and Rs. 35,000 in bank account. Notably, Dar has been previously arrested for pelting stones on security forces in Jammu & Kashmir after terrorist Burhan Wani’s encounter in 2016.

JIhadis Asking For Beheading Of Yati For Criticising Mohammad

Several FIRs were lodged against Yati across the country by Islamists. Aam Aadmi Party’s Amanatullah Khan openly tweeted and asked for beheading and chopping off the tongue of Yati for daring to criticise Mohammed.

Yati had in press statement asked why should not people know the truth about Mohammad, how he led jihad against non-Muslims, raided and advocated sex slavery of non-Muslim women in a bid to convert the whole world to Islam. Yati had also mentioned historical facts about how Jews were murdered by Moihammad and his army for refusing to convert to Islam. Yati had also mentioned about the controversial marriage of Mohammad with a young 9 year old Ayesha. Yati said in the meet, that if people become aware about the truth of Islam’s founder many of its followers would ditch Islam. Yati questioned the fact that why was it okay to question Hinduism, abuse Lord Ram, Krishna, Devi Durga, Sita etc. in India under the garb of rationalism and freedom of expression, but criticism of Mohammad is never allowed and called communal.

Amanatullah Khan and several Muslim clerics openly declared that the punishment for ‘blasphemy’ (criticism of Mohammad or Islam) is beheading. For the past two months huge rallies have been held by Muslim jihadi leaders openly asking for beheading of Yati Narasinghanand. The pet slogan for the jihadis were, “Gustakh-E-Rasool ki ek hi saza, sar tan se juda, sar tan se juda” (The punishment for daring to criticise Muhammad is beheading and only beheading).

Pertinently in 2019, a firebrand Hindu leader from Uttar Pradesh named Kamlesh Tiwari was murdered in broad daylight by jihadis for similarly criticising Mohammad. The jihadis had meticulously planned for months faked their identities, posed like devout Hindus, wore saffron robes and even infiltrated Tiwari’s Hindu organisation to gain his confidence and brutally murdered him at his home.

Surprisingly, this murder for so-called ‘blasphemy’ did not evoke any outrage in the ‘liberal’ Indian media and international media, while murders of Charlie Hebdon cartoonists and Samuel Paty for “blasphemy” was criticised worldwide.

Why Do Jihadi Terror Organisations Have Fetish For Hindu Attire?

For now at least Yati Narasinghanand has been saved from becoming another victim of Jihadi diktat. It is important for the Hindu Samaj to come forward and provide security to Yati Narasighanand and beware of the latest ploy of jihadis to use Hindu attires and identities to commit murder and terrorism.

Perhaps it is the same ploy of inventing Saffron Terror, canard promoted by the Congress and anti-Hindu ideologists with a leg up from Pakistan. Remember even Kasab had a Kalava in his hand and the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack by Pakistani terrorists was to be passed off as Hindu Terror?


News input and image source: India Today.

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