Pick up India’s Radio Activity Map, you will be surprised! Apart from the nuclear reactor of the government of India, the highest radiation is found in the places of all Jyotirlingas.

  • Shivling is nothing but nuclear reactors, that’s why they are offered water so that they may remain calm.
  • All the favorite substances of Mahadev such as Bilv Patra, Aakamad, Dhatura, Gudhal etc. are all nuclear energy soaking.
  • Because the water on Shivlinga also becomes reactive, that is why the drainage tube is not crossed.
  • The design of Bhabha Atomic Reactor is also like Shivling. [1]
  • Water offered on Shivling takes the form of medicine together with the flowing water of the river.
  • That’s why our ancestors used to say to us that if Mahadev Shivshankar gets angry, then pralay will come.
  • Notice how deep science is hidden behind our traditions.
  • The culture of which we have been born, is eternal. Science has been dressed as the core of traditions so that it becomes a trend and we Indians should always live a scientific life.
  • You will be surprised to know that there are such important Shiva temples in India which are built in the same straight line from Kedarnath to Rameshwaram. Wonder what kind of science and technology our ancestors had that we didn’t even understand till today? Kedarnath of Uttarakhand, Kaleshwaram of Telangana, Kalhasti of Andhra Pradesh, Ekambareshwar of Tamil Nadu, Chidambaram and finally Rameshwaram temples are built in a geographical straight line of 79°E 41’54 ′′ Longitude.
  • All these temples represent gender expression in the 5 elements of nature, which we call Panchabhut in common language. Panchbhut means earth, water, fire, air and space. Based on these five elements, these five Shivlingas have been installed.
Wind is represented in Kalahasti,
Fire is represented in Thiruvannamalai,
Water is represented in Thiruvanaikwal temple,
Earth is represented in Kanchipuram and at the end
Space or sky is represented in Chidambaram temple!
A Surprising Facts About Shiva Temples | Shiva linga, Shiva, Hindu deities

These five temples depict the amazing gathering of Vastu-Science-Vedas.

▪️ Geographically also featured in these temples. These five temples were built according to Yoga Science, and are placed in a certain geographical alignment with each other. There must be some science behind this that will affect the human body.

▪️ These temples were built about 5000 years ago when there was no satellite technology available to measure the latitude and longitude of those places. Then how so accurately five temples were installed? Only Shiva knows the answer.

▪️ The distance between Kedarnath and Rameshwaram is 2383 km. But all these temples are almost in the same parallel line. After all, thousands of years ago, using which technique these temples were built in parallel line, this is still a mystery.

▪️ Now it’s not surprising that the five genders representing the five elements of the universe have been installed centuries ago in the same line. We should be proud of the knowledge and intelligence of our ancestors that they had science and technology that even modern science couldn’t distinguish. It is believed that not only these five temples but there will be many temples in this line which fall in a straight line from Kedarnath to Rameshwaram. This line is also known as ′′ Shiva Shakti Aksha Rekha Perhaps all these temples have been constructed keeping Kailash in mind, which falls in 81.3119° E!? Only Lord Shiva knows.

It is amazing. See the relationship between Shiva Jyotirlingas with ′′ Mahakal ′′

The distance between the remaining Jyotirlingas from Ujjain is also interesting –

12 jyotirlinga darshan photos | Jyotirlingas Of India
  • Ujjain to Somnath-777 km
  • Ujjain to Omkareshwar-111 km
  • Ujjain to Bhimashankar -666 km
  • Ujjain to Kashi Vishwanath-999 km
  • Ujjain to Mallikarjuna-999 km
  • Ujjain to Kedarnath-888 km
  • Ujjain to Trimbakeshwar-555 km
  • Ujjain to Baijnath-999 km
  • Ujjain to Rameshwaram-1999 km
  • Ujjain to Ghrishneshwar-555 km

In Hindu religion nothing was done without reason.

Ujjain is considered the center of the earth, which has been considered for thousands of years in Sanatan Dharma. Hence, man-made instruments have been made for calculating sun and astrology calculations in Ujjain about 2050 years ago.

And when the fictional line (cancer) on earth was formed by the English scientist about 100 years ago, the middle part of it turned out to be Ujjain. Even today, scientists come to Ujjain for information about sun and space.

More reading https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/shiva-lingam-some-scientific-truths/#:~:text=There%20is%20radiation%20from%20Lingam,some%20concerns%20about%20their%20safety.

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