Ashley Biden’s Diary and Project Veritas

So: 1. The Ashley Biden diary possessed by Project Veritas is real. 2. The Biden admin put the FBI on PJ despite no evidence of a crime. 3. In the diary, Ashley Biden says she was hyper-sexualized at a young age, thinks she was molested, shows discomfort about showers with her dad.

The Print caught spreading Misinformation on Sanatan Dharma Again

When Europeans began to rule India, they were trying to understand this complex division of Indian society, they eventually gave an umbrella term, “Caste” for both Varna and Jati. They even included several Jatis, who are actually outside of Varna into the specific four Varnas, as Varna form of division was much more easier for dividing Indian society than the complex Jati system.

those Assamese girls in chadors with rifles

Many say that the government never actively encouraged any such initiative because there is little glory in defeat. The Sino-India of 1962 began on October 20, 1962 and ended in a month, after China declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew troops.