On December 16th, 2021, a story by NYT confirms that the Ashley Biden’s Diary was real as evident by the Title, “How Ashley Biden’s Diary Made Its Way to Project Veritas.”

The story by nytimes.

Many prominent and verified Twitter handles have also claimed that FBI/SDNY are deep into investigation of how Trump supporters got their hands on Ashley Biden’s diary at height of ’20 campaign. Among those whose conduct is being scrutinized: a donor who Trump appointed to a political post in final days of his admin. The opposition have also claimed that the FBI has become a political tool of the Democrat party. There is no legal reason for them to be involved . The diary has been turned in and the contents about Biden improperly touching a child in the shower has been printed. It makes no difference if it was found or stolen the contents are legal to print just like the top secret Pentagon Papers were published.

It has been alleged that someone stole the personal diary of a presidential candidate’s daughter and published pages from it on a far Right website.

Allegedly, Joe Biden’s daughter wrote in her diary that Joe had molested her as a young girl in the shower. FBI tried framing project Veritas for “stealing” the diary, but Veritas never had it in the first place. Still begs the question, why would Biden use the FBI so inappropriately, if not there was something he wanted to remain hidden?

Hence, one can conclude that :

1. The Ashley Biden diary possessed by Project Veritas is real.

2. The Biden admin put the FBI on PJ despite no evidence of a crime.

3. In the diary, Ashley Biden says she was hyper-sexualized at a young age, thinks she was molested, shows discomfort about showers with her dad.

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