Both European and Indian Civilizations have been equally threatened by Islam and Islam had long desired to subjugate both Europe and India.

Twenty years from today, Islamic terrorists crashed planes in to twin towers of World Trade Centers in New York.

No one knows why the date 9/11? But if we analyze few events from history, it would be clear that the particular date “11th September” has spelled doom for Islam. In other words, if the said date were not present in the calendar, then the whole world would have been Islamic.

Lets go through some of the events.

Events in Europe:

  1. Battle of Vienna (11th Sept 1683): Starting 13th Century the Muslims united by the Ottoman Empire were wreaking havoc in Europe. The great city of Constantinople had fallen, entire eastern Europe (including Balkans, Hungary, Greece etc.) were under the Ottoman rule. The Ottomans desired to conquer western Europe (Austria, Germany, France, Spain etc). Vienna stood in their way. After failing once in 1529, the Ottomans made another attempt to capture it in 1683. But on the very day of 11th Sept (when Ottoman were on verge of a breakthrough) the Polish King John III Sobieski arrived with his dreaded Winged Hussars and the Ottomans were soundly defeated and Vienna was saved. Not only that, the Polish King pursued the Ottoman Army and destroyed it, and the ottomans never recovered from the blow. Had Ottoman won this battle, the western Europe would have fallen to Muslims. This would have also resulted to eventually the Americas (colonialized by European powers) been captured by Ottomans. So today we may have been seeing “Caliphate of America” instead of “United States of America“.
  2. Battle of Zenta (11th Sept 1697): The Battle of Zenta was fought between Ottoman and Holy League armies. The battle was the most decisive engagement of the war, and it saw the Ottomans suffer an overwhelming defeat by an Imperial force half as large sent by Emperor Leopold I of Austria. The Ottoman defeat in the battle forced the Ottomans to sign Treaty of Karlowitz in which they had to Cede vast swathes of East European territory they had won over Centuries. This battle ensured that Ottomans never could threaten Europe in future. After these two battles, Ottomans were attacked again and again by Russia. It survived till 1924, because UK and French did not want it to Collapse – as they feared Russia may capture entire Middle East.

Events in India:

  1. Swami Vivekananda’s speech in Chicago: The Conference started on 11th Sept 1893. Swamiji due to his knowledge and oratory skills became a darling of the audience. Why this event is extremely important? This motivated the Hindus (who were vastly demoralized) that Hindu Civilization was once the greatest Civilization at one point of time. Just as the bear(Lord Jambaban) in Lord Ram’s Army reminded Lord Hanuman of his strength (which he had forgotten), this incident did the same to the Hindus. Growth of Hindu Nationalism means downfall of Islamic influence on India. Had this incident not occurred, after the British departure, the power void would have been filled by Islamists instead of Hindus.
  2. Mohan Bhagwat’s Birth-day (11 September 1950): People say Modji has saved Hinduism in India and that’s absolutely true. But do you know, who made Modiji the PM. There was fierce opposition within BJP for Modiji’s elevation. IT was Bhagwat only who made Modiji the PM. Without Modiji being the PM, and Sonia coming to power, she would have left no chance for Hindu revival by passing Draconian Communal violence Bill and destroying RSS under grab of “Saffron Terrorism”. And Bhagwatji was born on the very same day.

IF we look at the above incidents, the date 11th September has given such deadly blows to Islam from which it will never recover.

Hence, many people guess: the Islamic forces want to wash the blow they have received on 11th Sept by choosing that date to attack US which represents democracy, capitalism, free press, free women, open education which are all anti-thesis to Islam.

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