When emotion runs high and TV anchors build 24*7 hype, the ordinary brain stops thinking.  Truth is, this is the situation in the world today. President Biden has been outstanding in his handling of Afghanistan and the world will realize this soon. Here are 10 point wise US perspectives.

1)    US army was sent to Afghanistan to neutralize the perpetrator of the 9/11 killing of Americans on American soil. And Every US citizen and civilized world should take pride in this American Stand. They meant justice.

2)    Besides fighting for a peaceful cause, The US in 20 year built the best Road, bridge Building, Hospitals and infrastructure in Afghanistan. Alone this development would have cost more than 500 Billion dollars. Who paid this? No one, it was an ordinary American taxpayer who funded this. An eco-system was created and some countries to their best of ability donated willingly for the development of Afghan Society.  And it continued uninterrupted for 20 years.

3)    America lost nearly 2500 Soldiers for Afghan peace and order in the society. Look at the sacrifice of these young Americans before questioning the American commitment.  

4)    Yet, Afghanistan as a society proved to be corrupt, incompetent and medieval. They continued promoting their generation with learning laced with hate, fanaticism and bigotry. A very recent survey endorsed this prevalent radical view among the near full majority of Afghan. They preferred Sharia, an Islamic law ahead of Plural civil law. Taliban is a manifestation of this Afgani desire. Why remorse today for the plight of women and young children when Sharia is being implemented wholeheartedly?

5)    Taliban is the aspirational outcome of Afghan Society. Many would not agree today given the 24*7 hype and surcharged emotion that there is no difference between an Afghan ordinary society and Taliban. Both complement each other.

6)    Afghanistan is happy living in a social ecosystem similar to Syria, Yemen and Somalia. All these are failed states. Afghanistan will return to the mountain within a year. No agriculture No industry and No service sector. It is fertile ground for Opium and terrorist. And the world knows this, yet they would not dare speak against their Sharia aspirations but would condemn Americans only.

7)    President Biden’s decision and commitment not to spend a single more dollar and a precious life of Single US soldier is commendable and historic. Every Social leader and nationalist statesman should think and act like this.

8)    The US is still committed to world order and peace if the countries and society reciprocate.  And is it the duty of every civilized nation to protect its citizen security and national interest. And rightfully the US stands for its own interest. There should not be any doubt and confusion about this.

9)    If the world does not realize what it means when you sympathize with a Taliban society and Taliban culture. It will always face the consequences in the future. All terrorists affiliated to violence and fanaticism are the same.

10)                       Let Afghanistan society and its leadership decide, endure, reconcile and explore the way to develop a peaceful developing society. 20 years of investment is more than enough.

Crying like a small baby for your own incompetence and living on the dole of another nation is the news demand of such rogue states. Instead of offering a science based education, they have condemned their society to its Stone Age skill. No civility left. Young girls are sold and raped. Women are forced as sex slave. Young men are killed in a cold blooded manner. And the world expects Young American should lay their life for such a lifeless society.

A country with no resources threatens world peace and order without having any vision for their own growth, peace and development. Look at the mammoth population of 3.5 Cr. And no responsibility. Who will feed you?

Why the U.S.? President Biden, thanks for standing firm and remorseless at this hour of statesmanship. Protect American interest first and thereafter anything else.

A Big thank you.

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