The unification of Hindus non-negotiable to make the anti-Hindu elements toe the line!


Important for Hindus to establish their supremacy over global media!


Famous American artiste Whoopi Goldberg is the co-host of the talk show, ‘The View’ that airs on Recently, Goldberg and her co-hosts were discussing the Holocaust when Goldberg made the controversial statement claiming ‘the killing of 6 million Jews by the Nazis was not about race.’ That’s all! That one statement was enough to trigger her two-week suspension. Kim Godwin, President of ABC News immediately addressed the issue and said, “I’ve asked her (Whoopi) to take time and reflect and learn about the impact of her comments. The entire ABC News organisation stands in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues, friends, family and communities.” While Goldberg apologised after her comments created a furore on social media, it had little impact on the channel. It is important to note that Whoopi Goldberg is a famous American actor, comedian, author, and television personality. She is one of 16 entertainers to win an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Academy Award and a Tony Award. Her fame and repute couldn’t save her suspension. Another point to note is that Goldberg is a Black person. Currently, there is a wave of sympathy toward Black persons not only in America but across the world. However, that Goldberg is a Black was overlooked when suspending her. ABC News is the news division of Walt Disney Television’s ABC broadcast network. Walt Disney is an American entertainment company of great repute. The company could have easily sided with Goldberg and handled the situation, making an excuse. However, nothing of that sort happened. There’s a great deal of importance given to the freedom of speech, individual liberty, etc. There is minimal room for interference in one’s preference to eat drink and wear. But when the matter is about the Jews, America and its media forget about freedom of speech and all liberties. Even in this matter, Goldberg’s comments neither triggered any protests or violent agitation from the Jews, nor did they submit a memorandum to the American president. Goldberg even apologised to give closure to the matter. However, call it the might of the Jews that ABC News had to take action against Goldberg. Hindus have to learn precisely this from this anti-Jew crime of Goldberg.


The Jew lobby’s effect!


The American society lays a lot of emphasis on the freedom of speech and individual liberty; yet, an opinion in favour of Goldberg is unheard of. Why did this happen? Most Americans voiced their opinions along the lines of, ‘How can Goldberg not know that the Holocaust was not communal, it was racial!’ Why did Americans who wax lyrical about their freedom of expression make a backflip in Goldberg’s case? The answer to that lies in the fact that the strings of the American economy are in the hands of the Jews. Many American entrepreneurs, businessmen and individuals in seats of power are Jews. They love their Israel. The Jew lobby gets activated when any statement is made against the Jews or Israel and starts building pressure on the American government and administration. Over the years, the Jews have managed to assert their powerful presence in America’s social and political arena. Goldberg’s suspension is a reflection of this power.


When will this happen in India?


Making anti-Hindu statements, criticising Hindu texts and deities under the pretext of freedom of expression has become a routine. However, can the likes of Swara Bhaskar, Naseeruddin Shah, Javed Akhtar, or those from the media, such as Rajdeep Sardessai, Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt, etc. be tried for their anti-Hindu stance and statements? Why does this not happen? Hindus should spare a thought for this. Why can’t Hindus do what the Jews have achieved? Don’t the Jews bear the brunt of the freedom of expression? Jews and Israel both get affected by this; however, they make concerted efforts to not let it affect themselves and consistently put pressure on the opposition. Among those working in American news organisations, many are Jews. Not only that, there’s also criticism about the Australian media staying away from publishing anti-Israel reports due to the Jew lobby being operational there. This demonstrates the intensity of efforts that Israel makes to enhance and nurture its image. Do we ever hear about ‘a pro-Hindu lobby being operational in the American or international media’?


Not only the ones in India, even big media houses such as America’s CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Britain’s BBC are anti-Hindu and anti-India. How will Hindus who have been unsuccessful at asserting their power on the anti-Hindu media agencies in the Hindu-majority India, silence the international anti-Hindu media agencies? Hindus should accept this challenge! This requires effective unity of Hindus. The world bows down to he who makes the world bow down to him. The Jews and Israel know how to make the world bow down. Hindus should also increase their intellectual, financial and strategic might and make the world bow down to them. Hindus the world over eagerly await that day!

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