A team for passionate and committed individuals to make a positive difference for our children, promising honesty, transparency and commitment.

Raja Krishna:

I am Raja Krishna and am running for South Brunswick Board of Education. I have been a South Brunswick resident for over 15 Years. Both my children have studied in the South Brunswick school district from kindergarten and have graduated from SBHS in 2017 and 2018. A former army officer with 14 years of service, leadership, discipline, punctuality and planning have been part of my life. At present I am a supply chain management professional for the last 16 years, where precision and being detail oriented is of paramount importance. I have volunteered as a USA Swimming Official for 3 Years; have been affiliated with Princeton University swimming clubs. I have been the Secretary of the steering committee of Defense Services Officers Institute New Jersey for 10 years serving the tri-state area and have been part of the New Jersey Edison cultural Organizing committee for 8 years.  I am a bachelor of commerce, certified in initiating and planning projects, Certified SAFe 5 Agile Scrum Master, and a Certified Salesforce Administrator.
I strongly believe in contributing with complete honesty, transparency and most importantly being reachable to every member of the community. The time for change has arrived. I am standing for the BoE to be the voice of the children, parents, teachers, staff and the community. We, with the present COVID-19 situation, have to keep our children and teachers safe. The needs of our special need children require to be constantly addressed. We have to work tirelessly towards our resolve of preparing our children to identify their strengths and passion to navigate them to achieve their goals. To help them in getting accepted in top schools, without any additional tax burden to our community.

Smitha Raj :

I am Dr Smitha Raj and I am running for South Brunswick Board of Education. A long time resident of South Brunswick, I am also a former teacher, mother of a middle schooler, economist, programmer, dog parent, passionate advocate for public education and environment. As a parent with a child in the school system, I am uniquely positioned to relate to issues faced by parents and students of our school district. At the same time my background of a PhD in economics enables me to understand numbers, metrics, budget, taxes among other things. I believe that I can leverage my academic and professional experience to look for potential solutions as our school district prepares for cuts to state budget aid.

I strongly believe that we need a change and that we need fresh ideas, fresh voices on the board to deal with the unprecedented challenges imposed both by the pandemic as well as the cuts to state budget aid. Not only do we need more women on the board but I also believe that we need a strong advocate for parents, students,educators and residents. If elected I will be that strong advocate and work tirelessly for the betterment of our community.

Mike Mitchell

I am a veteran educator for almost 25 years. I strongly support the development of the well-rounded student and value the importance of their participation in extracurricular activities including the fine arts and sports in preparing them for the next level.

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