President Trump With Amy Coney Barret

So Trump and the Republicans just hit a political masterstroke, which may help trump in Re-election race, so what is it? Well, Trump just filled a conservative supreme court Judge today to mark a majority of conservative judges in supreme court.

Let’s understand why and how this matters..

What was the masterstroke? : Confirming a conservative supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett.

How did Amy get choosen? : after death of supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (famously known as RBG), her seat become vacant.

Late Ruth Ginsburg (RBG)

RBG was liberal icon, heavily tilted towards the liberal ideology, she was selected by the democrats and she has made many landmark judgments throughout her entire career.

So after her death, her seat became vacant, which meant it could be filled with someone the Trump and his party chooses. Trump chose Amy Coney Barrett as a conservative nominee for the seat and speeded up the procedures in record time for her confirmation before the elections.

For her confirmation, she needed to get president’s approval and pass the Senate with majority to get confirmed. Trump chose her so there was no issue with his approval, but the Senate was divided over her.

Now you may ask…

What is senate? : Just like we have Loksabha and Rajyasabha, USA has House of representatives and House of Senate.
House of Senate is the upper house which has 100 total seats, currently filled with 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and 2 Independents.

The process : Out of these 100 senators, a simple majority was needed to move ahead with her confirmation. Today the final hearing took place where voting was done, 52 Republicans out of 53 voted in favour of her, while one opposed her.
The rest of members (i.e Democrats) didn’t even attend the hearings to oppose it but it didn’t matter. She got confirmed with a 52-48 majority.

So what now? : The Republicans get a major conservative tilt with 6-3 in the nine-member court.

Amy Barret taking the oath (Photo Credit : Reuters)

How will it help Trump? : As we know this election has already become the most infamously controversial one in the US history, with uncertainties all around.
Biden is leading trump in polls by a good margin but that doesn’t guarantee a Biden victory, as the election results are gearing up to be very controversial ones, also there have been many cases of mail in ballot frauds like trump had claimed earlier, but the american left was suppressing the news and later NewYorkPost broke the story so in case of any close encounter on the election day or other controversies (which there will be definitely), help of Supreme Court will be needed and if that happens then this conservative majority might just help trump edge out Biden.

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