Is nobody else worried?

 “Maria, don’t make your view on mass vaccination public”, an Indian friend advised me. “You will spoil your reputation and nobody will listen anyway”....

What is the purpose of life?

One could call the Vedic mantras as a “revelation” because the ancient Rishis clearly stated that they are apaurusheya, which means that they are not created by humans. This revelation however is not comparable with the so called revelations of Christianity and Islam, because it is not about a claim which can never be verified and which is not conform to common sense, like the claim, “if you don’t believe that this book contains the full truth you burn in hell forever.”

Brahmins deserve praise not vilification

Why is nobody upset that the policy of the British starved some 25 MILLION Indians to death, in a country which was one of the wealthiest before their arrival in spite of having been looted already by Muslim invaders? There are terrible pictures on the net of Indians being skin and bones, barely alive. Each one dying a slow death.