My memories of Tapan Ghosh

His life style was very simple. Simple daal, rice, fish curry satisfied him. He drank tea with a lot of sugar. I was concerned - “don’t have so much sugar, Tapan da. You will get diabetes.” In his casual manner he said he got checked for sugar and is not worried about diabetes. He did not worry about little things - said people get sick when they worry to much and asked me not to worry about getting sick. The only food he yearned was Bengali sweets, which unfortunately we did not have at home. So, I took him to nearby Indian sweet shop and bought Bengali sweets he picked. Back at home, Tapan da took a bite from the Sandesh and said that even though it looked like Bengali sweets from Kolkata, in reality the taste was different. He threw away the sweets. That’s when I realized this man with simple needs will not compromise with anything no matter how badly he wanted it.

Seculars in India

When Indian secular journalists and  intellectuals (irrespective of religious background) condemn cow vigilante in India, they do not talk about continual attrition of Hindu/Buddhist/Sikh population...