Gang rapes, Murders & Molestation

Numerous cases have been reported from the ground, especially from the Birbhum district of Bengal. Female polling agents have been gang-rapted by TMC party terrorists from the Nanoor constituency. One victim of recorded gang-rape has been missing, probably murdered in cold blood.

Other women too have come forth with allegations of molestation and harassment, and those responsible for law and order, including the police have been silent. Some have even claimed that these allegations are fake without proper investigations.

A number of BJP party karyakartas have been injured or simply beaten or burned to death. Offices have been burned, vandalized, or both. Even animals have not been spared and over 1000 Hindu families have reported being forced to leave their homes. These families have left as mobs were after their lives. There is no security as law enforcement has chosen to look the other way during the atrocities inflicted on the Hindus.

According to @AskAnshul, CRPF has been deployed in West Bengal’s Islampur.

#HitlerDidi has blood on her hands. As does main stream media and paid goons masquerading as journalists who have been itching for a Hindu genocide.

Hope the Center wakes up from it’s slumber. Though many are still swimming the pool of ganga-jamuna vikas waters and are probably planning out their outfits to celebrate iftar dinners with murderers. The menu has a slight change this Ramadan – kafir Hindu blood is being served alongside bakra kebabs.

A Pogrom according to the dictionary is:

po·grom/ˈpōɡrəm,pəˈɡräm/noun an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, in particular that of Jewish people in Russia or eastern Europe.

Does anyone care?

Image: Avishek Sarkar – hacked to death.

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