Best 5 star Resort in jim corbett

jim corbett national park is one of the most amazing tourist places in this world. As a part of india, this place has always managed to attract couples who wish for a perfect outdoor Best Destination wedding. The hills jungle and sun create the perfect view for the place and the whole setting appears to be enough perfect where a wedding ceremony can be organized.

Best resort in jim corbett

The Corbett The Baagh is that perfect blend which offers various facilities and is conveniently situated close to Jim corbett National Park

Corbett The Baagh is surrounded by gently undulating hills swathed in the soothing green of vast Flowers estates makes it perfect tourist destination in India. The Baagh is that perfect blend which offers various facilities and is conveniently situated close to Sitabani temple in Ramnagar. Corbett the baagh is the best 5-star resort in jim corbett is keyed to be ever prepared to serve its guests with fully functional facilities, gourmet cuisine and sincere service. Offers elaborate la carte and buffet spreads for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Uttrakhand, this place is designed to counteract frenetic pace of 21st century and it will be proved as a holiday paradise for you. You can enjoy the cool breeze and unforgettable view of mountain chains from the balcony of your room. Each and every room is specially designed with a balcony that can provide you amazing view of natural atmosphere especially in the early mornings and late evenings. Hotel’s magic charm works on almost all the visitors who stay there once in the calm and peaceful ambience.

Best Deals in Ramnagar Resorts

Apart from the rich flora and fauna, the park is well-known for being the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, which is a major attraction here. Take an amazing tour of the rich nature reserves of the best attractions in Ramnagar. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Ramnagar resort Jim Corbett is an ideal place for people who want peace and relaxation, for nature lovers who love nature and for wildlife lovers who are always looking forward to a fun trip.

Covering an area of ​​more than 500 km, the Ramnagar resort is home to more than 600 species of plants, 164 Royal Bengal tiger numbers, more than 600 elephants and other wildlife. Animals including sambar deer, bear bear, Asian elephant and others are easily spotted on the edge of a resort near Ramnagar. A jeep safari in the forest is one way to immerse yourself in the beauty of the park.

From being close to nature to luxury amenities to shopping, this is one of the best resorts in Ramnagar with something for everyone. People who visit the resorts near Ramnagar find themselves enjoying activities such as bird watching, nature walks, jungle trips, nature photography and some of the best ways to treat your soul.These resorts in Ramnagar are a combination of pure luxury and style.

Corbett Baagh Offers Great Deals At Ramnagar Resorts

Corbett Baagh Spa & Resort is a popular resort for nature lovers and the best attractions in Ramnagar. The resort in Ramnagar is located in the middle of the forest away from the hustle and bustle of the city, giving you a unique experience. The road to the resort is a distance of 24 kilometers from the Sitabani forest reserve which is a Safari experience and is very affordable.

Corbett The Baagh is a 5-star Resort in Ramnagar offering 78 luxurious rooms overlooking the beautiful Shivalik Hills. The rooms are divided into 4 different categories – Jungle Cat, Leopard Cat, Leopard Suite and Baagh Family Suite suitable for little ones as well as a large group of family and friends.

Multi-cuisine Restaurant – You close is where all the food magic happens. The famous chef, Mr. Paliwal to prepare delicious dishes for you to enjoy. From the East to China to the Mediterranean to Kumauni, name it and we have it.

Another benefit of this Resort in Ramnagar is Spa and Power Yoga. Enjoy a relaxing spa to refresh yourself with natural oils and alternative treatments. Double the effect of Sauna and Yoga during the winter. Wake up, get ready and start your day with a beautiful note full of energy and youth. Keep yourself warm and healthy all day long, you will not regret it.

Do you feel that it is enough? Well, this resort in Ramnagar has an outdoor swimming pool, gym, various indoor and outdoor activities, a children’s play area and more. No wonder this Resort in Ramnagar is # 1 on Tripadvisor. Not satisfied? Don’t worry, we have a lot more. To enjoy the benefits of the above, get the best deals and get ready to be pampered by us.

2n / 3d Special Package

Among other packages, this 2-day 3-night package is ideal for wildlife lovers who are determined to visit the Ramnagar resort for a quick weekend getaway.

This package allows you to see the unforgettable wildlife of Jim Corbett National Park and allows you to explore nature and hills. It is specially designed for our tourism expert so that our guests can enjoy a proper holiday in nature.

The senses are fun here, amidst exotic vegetable gardens, green hills, mysterious forests, Living Gardens and, of course, a lot of love. For more information, click here

Long Stay

The resorts in Ramnagar are different in their own way, perhaps depending on the facilities, services or location. Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities that keep the comfort and accessibility of the mind making it the best resort in Ramnagar.

You want a full week of relaxation and fun, away from your boring daily life. This package is an incredibly fun package with amazing and flawless activities to discover the beauty and desert of Jim Corbett National Park.

Forget all your worries and book your stay comfortable. Get ready for an amazing experience with Corbett The Baagh. Feel at home, away from home. We will not let you get bored. Choose from our two packages and book immediately! For more information


Enjoy Wildlife with us, at Corbett Baagh Spa premium resort in Ramnagar. The new year has just begun and it is a great time to bring out the best in you.Plan a trip to the picturesque Jim Corbett National Park and set aside your stressful schedules and procedures. Ideal weather for a short and purposeful vacation in the jungle.

Let your children enjoy and have a good time before school life and tests begin, there is much to explore, read and hear. Stay close to Jim Corbett’s untouched natural beauty for 2-5 days according to your will, need and desire. Book between the two, short but fun, choose the one that suits you best and leave the rest.

Honeymoon Package

Jim Corbett National Park is a much-needed Honeymoon Package. Corbett Baagh Spa & Resort in Ramnagar invites all couples to start their beautiful journey and spend the precious moments of their lives with us.




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