After a long time period of INC (Indian National Congress) led central government , In 2014 general election people of India changed the whole political scenario of the country which didn’t change from past many years. In 2014 and 2019 general elections BJP won the elections with largest vote share followed by a massive downfall of INC’s vote share. After coming to power BJP started working for the development of the country in various fields such as agriculture , defence , finance as well as healthcare. This caused the biased left-wing followers to be quiet or their whole anti-india conspiracy as well as series of scams would come out. But along with the changing of time slowly the scams like “2G Spectrum” came out and it was seen that there was complete involvement of INC’s leaders in the scams. Beside all these a New York based independent organization named “Human Rights Watch” suddenly became active in India after 2014. This New York based organization was founded on 1978 as “Helsinki Watch” by Mr. Robert L. Bernstein . According to financial report published by this organization in 2017 it had assets worth 21.96 crores in USD worldwide. This organization claims that presently it has roughly 450 people of more than 70 nationalities , along with this it also claims that whenever there is a human rights violation in any part of the world it raise voice for people who were denied from their human rights as well as it also pressurizes the politicians sitting in power to provide justice to the victim. But according to present scenario this organization seems to be puppet in the hands of biased left-wing politicians and anti-india supporters. Till 2013 Indian National Congress (INC) ruled India and everything was well and good for Human Rights Watch (HRW). But in 2014 when BJP came to power this so called “Independent Organization” started criticizing Indian Government as “Hindu Nationalist Party”. So here the question comes :

•The word “Nationalism” means “feeling of oneness for one’s country” and a person who believe in this ideology is called a “nationalist”. As HRW says “Hindu Nationalist Party” isn’t it seems to an attempt by HRW to divide the people from ideology of “Nationalism” in the basis of religion ?

On one side now after 2014 several so called “Social Activists” were taken to custody by Indian Police because they were caught red handed while promoting Anti-India activities in the country and spreading communal hatred. Everyone will be surprised to know that arresting of anti-nationals seems to be violation of human rights for HRW. Here also a question arises :

• If a person is spreading communal hatred and promoting Anti-National activities in a country and got arrested then which kind of human rights violation is this ?

While on the other side a boy in Delhi named Rinku Sharma was brutally killed by a group of people belonging to Islam Community because he only spoke “jay shree ram”. Here some straight questions arises :

• Why HRW is not raising voice for Rinku Sharma after this incident ? Isn’t is seems to be violation of human rights ??

Followed by this there are many extreme-leftist loudspeakers in India who always shout loudly to contribute knowledge to the Central Government about Freedom Of Speech (FOS) and Freedom Of Expression (FOE) but after this incident they all are silent and hiding behind the curtains in the house of Mr. Raul Vinci ( An Anti-India politician whose nationality is not yet confirmed. He is also the owner of an automobile company based in U.K ). So here the questions arises :

•Was Rinku Sharma not an Indian Citizen ??

•Is speaking “jay shree ram” a crime in India ??

•Why was Rinku Sharma denied from his fundamental rights of Freedom of Speech (FoS) & Freedom of Expression (FoE) ??

So in India Human Rights Watch (HRW) can make only false claims and spread hatred against the Government Of India which gets elected democratically by the people of India. This act of Human Rights Watch (HRW) seems to be a bit of ” shamelessness “. If they want to spread their agenda in India it would be better if they would have formed their own political party for it where headless & brainless pigs would work in place of human beings to spread Anti-India ideology inside the country. But these people don’t have courage in their heart and mind to speak the truth so they always shout like a ” loudspeaker ” under the name plate of ” Independent Organization “as well as ” Non-Government Organization “.

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