It has been a year of war between Russia and Ukraine and this war still doesn’t seem to be ending in near future. The situation is that while America and its allies are bridging Ukraine with weapons, Iran and now China are seen standing completely with Russia. In the midst of this radical change coming in the world, experts are indicating towards a major change in India’s foreign policy. At the same time, they are warning India about the increasing influence of weak Russia and China by giving the example of the Soviet Union. According to a report, to appease China, the Soviet Union had delayed the delivery of MiG-21 fighter jets to India during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

According to the report of America’s think tank Stimulation Center, there have been many changes in India’s foreign policy after the Ukraine war. India is now engaged in reducing its dependence on Russia. Russia has done very poorly in the Ukraine war. Apart from this, now Russia is facing a lot of difficulties in producing weapons after the ban of western countries. For this reason, there has been a debate in India about the usefulness of Russia being a strategic partner in the future. In this report, quoting Indian analysts, it has been said that India will have to prepare itself for a weak Russia whose dependence on China is very high.

Soviet Union wanted China’s help in Cuban crisis

Analysts said that its side effect could be that Russia could be forced to take steps against India’s interests. This includes stopping the supply of arms in times of emergency. Indian analysts also give a historical example of this. In the year 1962 there was a war between India and China. At that time India was in dire need of lethal weapons. At the same time the Cuban Missile Crisis had started in the world. India requested its friend Soviet Union to provide MiG-21 fighter jets but Communist country’s leader Nikita Khrushchev deliberately delayed the delivery of MiG-21 fighter jets to India.

In fact, the Soviet Union needed China’s support to deal with the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis. That’s why the Soviet leader delayed the delivery of MiG-21 fighter jets to India. Not only this, after the sanctions of western countries, now there is a danger that Chinese equipment may come to India through Russian arms in future. The reason for this is that Russia is unable to supply its products to the western countries any longer. If this happens then it will be a big threat to India’s security.

‘India has a big weapon for Russia’

It has also been said in the report that although India now has such a weapon which can force Russia to stay together. India is a major trading partner of Russia other than China. India alone has imported crude oil worth more than $ 21 billion from Russia from April to December 2022 in the midst of the Ukraine war. Earlier, India used to buy negligible amount of oil from Russia. Theoretically, India can prevent Russia from going with China through this. India is not happy with Russia’s attack and PM Modi publicly told Putin about the war.

Deal with India to teach Mao a lesson!

According to the report of the Hoover Institution, a think tank of Stanford University, America, in the year 1962, there was a competition between China and the Soviet Union to become the leader of the leftist movement in the world. Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union, and Mao Tse Tung, the supremo of the Communist Party of China, had a great deal of difference of opinion on ideological grounds. Khrushchev suddenly stopped the massive military aid being given to China. Instead, the Soviet leader began to strengthen relations with China’s neighbors such as India, who were afraid of Dragon’s policies. Khrushchev struck a deal with India for state-of-the-art MiG-21 fighter jets so that New Delhi could give a befitting reply to the Dragon. However, the Cuban Missile Crisis once again united the Soviet Union and China.

Chinese PM’s trick, Soviet Union delayed MiG-21

The report states that the Soviet Union felt that if China supported it in the Cuban Missile Crisis, it would regain its lost credibility in the world leftist movement. In order to get China’s support on Cuba, Soviet leader Khrushchev agreed to betray India as well. India had to pay the price of this bargain between Soviet Union and China which was done deliberately. When Chinese troops invaded India, the Soviet leader advised Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, to settle the dispute peacefully with Beijing. According to Hoover’s report, the official media of the Soviet Union started supporting China except India on the border dispute. Three weeks before the start of the war between India and China, Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-lai took the extraordinary step of talking to the ambassador of the Soviet Union about the MiG-21 deal. Khrushchev India and China.

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