The CBI has today filed a petition in the Clalcutta High Court against Mamata Banerjee for impeding due process of law and made her a party in the Narada sting operation case.

The CBI requested for the Transfer of the case to the Calcutta High Court and also sought police custody for all accused TMC leaders in the 2016 Narada sting operation case.

Mamata Intimidated & Threatened CBI Officials

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta in the plea, brought to the notice of the court the ‘siege and threat’ CBI’s Kolkata office has been subjected to after the arrest of TMC leaders on May 17. The CBI’s affidavit brought on record the unprecedented misconduct by West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee and her mob of TMC party workers who laid siege on the CBI office in Kolkata and pelted stones.

¬†The plea also states that Mamata Banerjee barged into the CBI office and made ‘derogatory comments and threats’ against CBI officials and¬†‘dared’ the officials to arrest her. The CBI stated that Mamata demanded an unconditional release of the arrested TMC leaders Madan Mitra, Firhad Hakim, Subrata Mukherjee and Suvan Chatterjee.

The CBI sought police custody of the said Seeking police custody of the said TMC leaders who were sent to one day judicial custody. The CBI stated that it could not seek police custody earlier due to the risky environment and terror created by the ruling party incited by the Chief Minister herself.

Terrorising prosecution & judiciary By Chief Minister Of WB

The CBI stated that the state Law Minister Maloy Ghatak reached the CBI Special Court accompanied by a huge agitated mob and stayed put in the court premises throughout the day till the bail orders were given to¬†ensure a ‘terrorizing effect upon the prosecution.’

The CBI stated, “Kalyan Banerjee and others with very large threatening mob remained in the court premises to put pressure on the administration of Justice”.

The CBI said that the unprecedented presence of the Chief Minister with a huge mob and top leaders such as Kalyan Banerjee, Shantanu Sen, Humayun Kabir laying siege on the CBI office was also terrorizing for the CBI. It also placed on record that heavy stone pelting was done by the ruling party mob on their office. 

Mamata will have to respond to the petition herself or through a lawyer, the CBI also prayed to the High Court to quash the bail order of the Special Court and transfer the entire Narada case to the Calcutta High Court.

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