The Canadian Gujarati Women Association (CGWA) was officially launched, representing the motherland, mother tongue, and mother culture. The inaugural event celebrated Gujarat Day on April 29, 2023, honoring seven outstanding Gujarati women. The event was attended by an audience of 600 community members, including influential individuals from the Greater Toronto Area, the Consulate General of India Toronto, Canada, and Ms. Apoorva Srivastava, MPP for Mississauga-Malton.


The Consul General of India, Ms. Apoorva Srivastava, and President of CGWA, Ms. Chintan Bhavsar, honored L to R: Ms. Bindu Purohit (President, Brahmin Samaj of Ontario), Dr. Janki Shah (Researcher, Higher Education), Dr. Sonal Bhatt (Ayurvedic Physician), Ms. Neelam Kothari Panditpautra (Media Personality & Event MC), Ms. Rekha Vaishnav (Executive Director, MEHAR – Mental & Emotional Health Awareness Renaissance), Ms. Mukta Unadkat (88, Humanitarian), and Ms. Savita Patel (90, Philanthropist).

CGI Toronto Apoorva Srivastava

CGWA aims to recognize and empower Gujarati women in Canada for their unique cultural contributions and help them reach their full potential. The organization honors senior women who have made significant contributions to society, even if they do not seek attention or acclaim. Through collective efforts, CGWA aspires to be a powerful force for transformation within the community and beyond.

At the launch event, seven accomplished women were honored, most of whom were doctors, researchers, academics, and notable movers and shakers of the Gujarati community. The CGWA vision is to create a world where Gujarati women in Canada are recognized for their unique cultural contributions and are empowered to reach their full potential.

CGWA thanks various talented individuals, including singers, photographers, and DJs, for their valuable contributions and support. The organization acknowledges the vital role that community sponsors, media, vendors, and volunteers play in making the event successful.

The event was a resounding success, inspiring and uplifting attendees with the stories of the seven remarkable women honored. The CGWA looks forward to continuing to empower and celebrate Gujarati women in Canada and making this recognition ceremony an annual affair. To learn more about CGWA, visit

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