At a time when the nation is facing a national calamity and rising deaths due to lack of medical oxygen in the severe second wave of Covid pandemic, Christian Church backed protestors are still adamant and threaten the Tamil Nadu government for making efforts to re-open the Vedanta owned Sterlite Plant which has a capacity to produce 1000 Metric Tonnes of Oxygen per day.

A video is viral in the social media, where local administration is seen holding a meeting with the protestors against the Sterlite Copper Plant at Thoothukudi, in Tamil Nadu. In the video the administrators can be seen pleading to the protestors asking them to co-operate during a national crisis to allow the re-opening of the Sterlite plant to produce invaluable Oxygen during the raging pandemic to save lakhs of lives succumbing to the deadly viral infection due to utter breathlessness.

The administrators are also seen assuring the protestors that the Sterlite plant would be operated by the State government and not Vedanta, for production of Oxygen to help bridge the gap in demand-supply of medical Oxygen.

The protestors can be seen raising hue and cry and threatening to come out on the streets creating law and order problem if the Sterlite Plant is re-opened for production of Oxygen.

Lalita Nijhawan, had in the Voice Of India written a detailed article on how the protests against the Sterlite Copper Plant in Thoothukudi and the Kudankulam protests been orchestrated by a complete pact between all denomination of Christian Churches to bring very crucial industries to a complete halt under the ruse of environmental pollution without any basis.

Lalita Nijhawan wrote, “Brother Mohan C. Lazarus said, without any scientific backing, that Sterlite is a toxic factory. He said that the Church is praying to shut down the factory. He further stated that a protest will be held in Tuticorin, where all Catholics, Pentecostals, Church of South India (CSI) would unite to participate against Sterlite”.

Notably, though unfortunately some people died during the police firing in the height of protests, no one mentions the fact that the police were forced to open fire because the protestors had turned violent at the instigation of congregations in the Churches.

The protestors had burnt many vehicles, pelted stones at the police force trying to maintain peace and even disrobed many policewomen in duty at Thoothukudi. This prompted the police to open fire on the violent mob calling themselves, innocent protestors.

It is a well known fact that the Church in India in collaboration with their international counterparts, the proscribed Maoists and economic terrorists like George Soros run campaigns to run down India’s industrial and economic capabilities to stymie its growth.

India was a Copper surplus nation before the forced closure of Sterlite Plant in 2018, after its closure India became a net importer of Copper after 18 years! It is easy to analyse who did the Church benefit by manufacturing these protests.

Now by continuing to instigate people to protest against the re-opening of the Sterlite Plant for crucial production of Oxygen at a time of crisis, only exposes the fact that evangelists have a perverse pleasure in doing politics at the cost of huge body bags to impoverish India and enslave it to its western powers.

A question to these evangelist bosses: Would Jesus approve pushing people to death due to lack of Oxygen by stalling production of 1000 metric tonnes of Oxygen per day at Sterlite Plant, which amounts to 20% of the total Oxygen demand nationally?

Perhaps the evangelists are stalling Sterlite, so that they can go around converting people by their dubious prayer-calls and distributing smuggled Oxygen cylinders to patients in exchange of converting to Christianity! Even Jesus would be disturbed by this kind of vulture evangelism in his name!



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