“Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem” 

– Zig Ziglar

 How true it is ! How often indeed it is that we hear people exclaim of the ideas they had while in college and later in their earlier career that they gave up on due to lack of time,  the burden of responsibilities and the multitude of reasons that keep cropping up as time goes on. And of course, the passage of time dulls the original passion that would have powered the furnace of innovation and creativity. Thus, a very original, creative and innovative personality that was unborn is aborted even before it sees the light of day.

We live, as Indians, in an era of unprecedented comfort, safety and opportunity. To those willing to see, there is today ample support and adequate material to start one’s own enterprise should one desire to. Digital India, StartUp India, Make In India etc. campaigns abound in plenty and should one bother to read through the government documents and dial up the helplines, one is bombarded with an abundance of information and support that was previously unimaginable. Tie that into the facilities provided by non-governmental organizations like NASSCOM, FICCI etc., and the only roadblock that now appears is the procrastination between ideation and implementation. India produces around 2.15 Lakh computer science graduates every year – a figure which is the highest in the world. From agriculture to urban SMEs, from ecommerce to education, from saas to independent retail development  – the possibilities are endless for young entrepreneurs if they are willing to take the plunge. It is time to be idealistic, motivated and daring to take the plunge and be adventurous while we still have the time !

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