Congress ally and Islamist party of Kerala, Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has petitioned the supreme Court to stay the recent notification by Modi government’s Ministry of Home Affairs to invite applications from non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan for grant of Indian citizenship.

Hindus and Sikhs, including Christians, have been suffering untold miseries and atrocities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan for not following Islam. Lakhs of Hindu refugee victims of religious persecution have fled to India from these countries since independence to save their lives, as India is the only country in the world with majority Hindus and is the land of birth of Hinduism.

They have been languishing without several facilities available only to citizens of India. Under naturalization laws of India of the citizenship Act, it normally takes a minimum of 12 years for granting of Indian citizenship to these refugees. So, the Indian government under PM Modi’s leadership had brought in an amendment in the Citizenship Act, well known as the CAA to cut short the period to 5 years from the day they reach India for grant of citizenship.

But the Islamists and secularists, who always advocate for illegal Bangladeshi Muslims and Rohingya Muslims to be made Indian citizens, do not want Hindus and other non-Muslims from the neighbouring Islamic states taking refuge in India. They want the Muslims who are in majority in these Islamic states and who actively persecute non-Muslim religious minorities to be also granted citizenship under the CAA!

The CAA has been challenged in the Supreme Court by these Islamists and so-called secular parties like CPM, Congress etc and their foot soldier activists. Due to this challenge in the SC, the Modi govt could not notify the CAA rules to grant citizenship to persecuted religious minorities from the aforementioned Islamic countries.

So, the Modi govt few days back issued a notification under the naturalization laws of Citizenship Act under Sections 5 & 6 of the Act to invite non-Muslims refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan for grant of citizenship.

The IUML and the Congress have been arguing that Muslims from these Islamic countries cannot be excluded from granting of citizenship. One can understand the ideology of IUML with a Ghazwa-e-Hind agenda to insist on filling up India with Islamists from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, but the Congress under Sonia Gandhi has turned anti-Hindu and does not care for the human rights violations of persecuted Hindus in these Islamic countries.

Notably, in the past before Sonial Gandhi became all powerful, Congress governments has used the naturalization laws in Citizenship Act to grant citizenship to only persecuted Hindus from Pakistan by excluding Muslims. Sonia Gandhi has driven Congress from a centreist party to an Islamist-Maoist-Christian missionary friendly party by allying with all kinds of secessionist forces.

It is hoped that the Supreme Court does not interfere with the Centre’s decision to grant citizenship to non-Muslim religious minorities as it is not in violation of Constitutional provisions of fundamental rights to equality, as reasonable classification is a valid ground to keep out Muslims who are a religious majority in the neighboutring Islamic countries for grant of Indian citizenship.

Moreover, the Constitution only grants right to life as fundamental right to aliens and India has no obligation to grant citizenship to aliens. It has sovereign rights to choose on the basis of reasonable classification to grant citizenship only to non-Muslim religious minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

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