51 Days Yoga Consciousness Series 2nd May-21st June 2021

Knowledge of Yoga is infinite, boundless and timeless. “Learning Yoga is an everlasting journey that leads you within and Within is where you find the world of immortal bliss”. –Mitraasha

Namaste All My Yoga Yaatris! May Yog Bless You

The idea behind running this 51 Days Yoga Consciousness series is to proffer my modest learnings and share the divine pearls of Yoga science with people at large. Let’s have a conjoint intent to learn, implement and extend the wisdom of Yoga with a positive co-action and harmonious reverberation amongst each other.

Asana For Sideward Bending Of The Spine-Parsva Urdhva Hastasana

Parsva Urdhva Hastasana– Upward Salute Side Bend Pose

Parsva Urdhva Hastasana is a Sanskrit name for the Upward Salute Side Bend Pose, where ūrdhva is upright, hasta is hand, and āsana is a pose.This asana  is a beginner level yoga pose performed in a standing position, aids increased energy and is considered as a warm-up yoga pose to prepare the body for more intense yoga poses / yoga flows.


  1. People with spinal injury, spinal abnormalities, back pain, frozen shoulders, neck problems and arthritis should not do this.
  2. Also people suffering from hypertension, serious cardiac issues, muscular and nervous distress should avoid doing this.

How to practice?

Parsva Urdhva Hastasana
  • Stand erect with your legs one foot apart, feet parallel to each other, neck, back, head in one straight line, chest thrown well forward, chin parallel to the floor ,hands on their respective sides and gaze fixed at one point.
  • Now as mentioned earlier in the post for Talasana, assume the position with feet raised a few inches, hands stretched out above your head and palms joined in a Namaste posture. Do all this breathing normally.
  • Now with an inhalation in 3 seconds, bend the upper body from the waist above towards the left.
  • And once you reach this position, exhaling in 3 seconds maintain your balance on the tip toes and try to go deeper sideways towards the left and feel the stretch at the right side of the upper body.
  • Now with an inhalation in 3 seconds, release the bent pose and come back to the centre but hold the arms stretched up and the body on the raised toes.
  • Again inhaling in 3 seconds, bend the body waist above towards the right. 
  • And once you reach this position, exhaling in 3 seconds maintain your balance on the tip toes and try to go deeper sideways towards the right and feel the stretch at the left side of the upper body.

Note:  As a beginner one can start bending the upper body sideways without rising on the tip-toes initially and eventually with regular practice slowly shift to raising the body on the toes and bending the body sideways.


As the upper body moves away from the centre, while the lower half is held steady below, this asana instills a great amount of balance in the body.

It tones the entire leg muscles and hips by the alternate stretching of the body towards both sides while balancing on the toes.

Increases focus, stability and flexibility in the upper body parts.

It is very helpful with the sciatica and flat feet issues.

Practice of this asana boosts concentration, increases mindfulness, alleviates stress, fatigue and overthinking problems.

Thought of the day: “Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it.”- Brian Tracy

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