Discussions on education policy in India, in 3rd Hindu Rashtra Sansad

The education that builds self-confidence in life, builds character, is the true education. On the other hand, in the current education system, even highly educated youth commit suicide. In the Gurukula system, the feeling of ‘family’ was being created as the students were living together. The Indian education system was Acharya-oriented, Knowledge-oriented, creating a sense of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (The world is one family). The spiritual revolution that will take place through this education will be a guide for the world. Therefore, for the bright future of India and to make India Vishwaguru, Dharma-based Gurukul education should be given; a resolution to this effect was passed in the Third ‘Hindu Rashtra Sansad’. In this ‘Hindu Rashtra Sansad’ on the subject ‘In the present situation, how to adopt Hindu education policy’, Mr. Neeraj Atri acted as Speaker and Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale as Deputy Speaker and Mr. Shambhu Gaware as the Secretary.

If Hindus wish to learn Shrimadbhagavadgeeta, then Parliament should pass such a resolution! – Mr. Ramesh Shinde

        The opposition in Sansad moved the resolution “Since the Supreme Court has rejected Shrimadbhagavadgeeta as a ‘National scripture’, it is not appropriate to include ‘Geeta’ in education” Ramesh Shinde refuting this said, “The decision of the Supreme Court in the Shahbano case was reversed by the then Parliament to appease the Muslims. Therefore, if the majority of Hindus want to learn Shrimadbhagavadgeeta, then the Sovereign Parliament has the right to pass such a resolution”. An opposition leader said. “We should teach English along with other languages”. Ramesh Shinde said, “We have an example of Abhimanyu gaining knowledge not in his birth but in the womb during the Mahabharata period. So what is the need for English education when the mother tongue has the power to impart knowledge in the womb ? Many countries ruled by the British are now imparting education in their mother tongue. When will India come out of this slavery ? Therefore, mother tongue should be taught right from primary education in India”.

       While approving the proposal put forward by Mr. Abhay Bhandari, “Teachers should be recruited not only on the basis of academic qualifications, but also tney should have pure character”, Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale, the Deputy Speaker said, “Since the teachers are appointed nowadays by collecting money, the students do not understand the subject well, so they simply learn by repetitions. Therefore, students do not get proper education”. Advocate Umesh Sharma, a member of the Sansad’s Special Committeesaid, “English is just a language, not knowledge. Every regional language in India is rich and English is not required to be taught”. Among the resolutions passed at the time were ‘Festivals not related to Indian culture should not be celebrated in schools’, ‘Education should be given in mother tongue’, ‘Students should be taught Sanskrut language’, etc.


Yours Truly,
Ramesh Shinde,
National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti


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