The union home minister Amit Shah has played a master card this time, with sending an invite for Ram Janm Bhumi Poojan to the Shiv Sena leader and Maha vikas aghadi CM Uddhav Thackeray.

Since the time, shiv sena has broke all ties and alliance with BJP in order to accomplish Uddhav’s ambition of being a CM (though incompetent) things are not sailing smoothly for him. Now, with receiving an invite from the Home Minister for Ram Janmbhoomi Poojan, Uddhav thackeray is stuck at a dilemma again. He has a challenging choice to make. Whether to accept the invitation and attend the event as it favors his party’s past agenda which he has abandoned long ago. Or to neglect paying a visit at Ayodhya with some sort of relevant excuse to avoid unpleasant wrath of his other two allies, Congress and NCP.

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Ram mandir issue has witnessed a huge political history, not just religious but political too. It holds the belief of millions of people. But because the success of fulfilling this dream, attained recently irks the pseudo secular and community specific policies of Shiv Sena’s allies, the CM has ended in a tough situation

Shiv sena again is pounding between mortar and pestle in a quest to reach a reasonable conclusion, considering which the Maharashtra CM has suggested an E-Pooja of the Ram Janmbhoomi land. The suggestion came as a disguise to cover his reluctance to accept the invitation as an open rejection can ignite the public’s religious sentiment which can later cost him a fortune. Trying to play safe, Uddhav, in an interview given to shiv sena’s mouthpiece, Saamna magazine, has said that he might be attending the event, will even be treated well. But what about lakhs of RamBhakts being stopped to mark their presence at the event due to covid crisis. He further mentioned that It’d be an injustice to them. He also stated that even he was stopped to perform a pooja st Saryu river when he earlier visited Ayodhya, when covid crisis of the nation was in its initial stages.

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As everyone can perceive that this facade of words and possibilities is being deliberately set up instead of openly refusing to attend the event, it would be quite interesting to witness what other ways the CM will adopt further. Because as for now, the Ram Mandir trust is in no mood to shift the Pooja to an electronic portal, mainly because the event is already taking place under an assemblage of just two hundred people, with court’s legal order and commitment to follow the center’s unlock guidelines

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