Treason right in front of our eyes? Just look at the fiasco happening in the aftermath of Biden’s blunder.

That’s right, #SanctionPakistan is not the only recipient of the US goodies left behind in Afghanistan. Recent activities on ground show that the Taliban are happily moving American Military vehicles to neighboring Iran.


Reports and images on social media received from Iran indicate that tanks and military vehicles which belonged to the Afghan army were seen in Tehran and other parts of Iran.

Photos have emerged showing armored Humvees being transported from the eastern parts of the country toward Tehran, on the Semnan-Garmsar road.

Besmallah Mohammadi, a former Afghan defense ministry official published one of the photos referring to Iran as a “bad neighbor” and saying Afghanistan misfortune will not last forever.

Iran had promised to resume fuel deliveries to Afghanistan last week, which the Taliban need to prevent a collapse in the economy. Tehran has adopted a friendly posture toward the Taliban, unlike past relations which were marked by tensions.

Iranian officials have not yet reacted to the news. However, if Iran has made a deal with the Taliban to receive some of the American military hardware given to the Afghan army or left behind, it would claim a big victory against the United States.

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