After the WW II the world was divided in to 2 rival groups with 2 different ideologies, economic, political and social systems. India which got independence at the same time was in dilemma which group to join. Both the groups tried to lure India. For e.g. US under Kennedy invited India with permanent post in security council, Atom bomb to fend off the Chinese etc. USSR also tried to lure India with technologies, aid etc. Till USSR existed India remained in the so called “Non Aligned Group” with some leaning to USSR. The correctness of decision has been hotly debated. Many people say that India aligning with the west may have been better as India would have a been a permanent member of security council and have availed other benefits, and I do find merit in their argument. But please note, US and UK at the time were close allies and India had just come out of colonial rule and memories of Jallianwala Bagh, other incidents were fresh in the minds of the politicians and hence they could not trust the US/UK group. Instead of speculating lets leave the topic as-is.

But the main point we should evaluate: WHAT SHOULD BE OUR STANCE TODAY?

I would put the following points:

  1. Today, India is a big economy, has a potent military, has diaspora in all rich countries with potential to influence. Hence, unlike 1950s we need not fear “if I come to this side will the other side harm me?”.
  2. After Brexit, a term is reverberating -> “Anglosphere” in international forums. The major English speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ) “Canzuk” are all set to deepen their ties further. “Anglosphere” concept was one of reasons of Brexit. Canzuk countries have a strong interest/concern about Indo Pacific. And all consider China their dead enemy.
  3. Also the Canzuk countries are in a group called called “Five Eyes” for sharing very high level of intelligence. It is said, the group was so secret that the PM/President of the countries came to know about 20 years of the creation. It is rumored that Japan may join the group and make it “Six Eyes”. It may be also possible over next 10-20 years India could get a chance to join the group as well(India has already signed agreements like CATSA, COMCASA, LEMOA agreements with US for military and Intelligence sharing). If this really happens, India will get solid intelligence about the world which would include even Pakistan and China. This is all set to benefit India.
  4. As far China matters, India and China will remain in an eternal struggle for dominion of southeast Asia. Plus, we see how China finances Jihadi, communists and Naga insurgents in India. That’s why China and India will remain eternal enemies no matter what.
  5. After collapse of USSR, Russia has gotten weak due to loss of its strategic landmasses and will never recover from the blow.
  6. If India signs trade deals (which is work in progress by Modi govt.) with some/all Canzuk countries, then it would greatly benefit financially. As we all know how big India has lost in trade with China.

Hence, considering all the above aspects, it is important that India openly and fearlessly dumps the “non aligned policy” and aligns itself with the Canzuk+Japan. I foresee this stance will make India the dominant power not only in SE Asia but of the whole eastern hemisphere.

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