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Small White Marble Vase with Cut Work

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A flower vase is the most popular decorative article that continues to hold its importance and value since the ancient times. The one shown here is sculpted out of a single piece of marble with its beauty as striking and pure as that of the Taj Mahal. It is shaped in accurate curves and symmetric measures with an open mouth at the top and the brim painted in shiny gold paint. You will be mesmerized by the large patch in the centre formed by three layers of colors and dots. Zoom in to have a broader view of the floral pattern in an alluring gold shade, connecting with each other beautifully to form different flowers and vines. Also focus on the red, green and silver stones placed elegantly inside the circular boundary complementing its beauty.

Small Marble Vase with Cut Work

A White Marble Vase is used as an ornamentation to accentuate the beauty corner of your house or office by placing flowers in it or by just keeping it as it is. The one we are offering is carved in the most unique patterns, having symmetric cuts on one side and decorated with gold and silver stone flower motifs all over in extreme elegance applauding the sculptorā€™s unmistakableĀ skills. Have a look at the similar top and bottom thick floral borders of the centerĀ bulging out part of the vase, designed in a three-dimensional look and colorful stones to highlight it. A similar style can be found just below the brim along with a painted combination of red, green and white dotted borders. Having such a piece as your interior decorĀ is like adding another royal beauty to your handpicked collections, so grab before it runs out.

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