Recently while speaking at an event Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt of the Syro-Malabar Church stated that non-Muslim girls and boys are being targeted under Love jihad and Narcotics Jihad. He also claimed that these specific muslim groups use the terminology of Love Jihad and Narcotics Jihad in order of propagate Islam in the entire world. He added that security agencies and police personnel had already stated that Kerala has become a recruitment centre for terrorists, and such groups are trying to use the youngsters as their sleeper cells.
Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt while targeting the groups who deny love jihad said “Those trying to prove that there’s no “Love Jihad” are trying to feign ignorance”.Bishop Joseph went on the say” They’ve realised that in a nation like India, taking up weapons & destroying others isn’t easy, they’re using other means. Their aim is to promote their religion & end non-Muslims. They use ‘love jihad’ & ‘narcotic jihad’.

Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt belongs to the place called Pala of Kerala. For the first time the head of a Catholic diocese has directly named Muslims. Regular instances of Love jihad are being reported but in spite of all these horrifying cases, the so called secular lobby is covering their eyes with a black cloth. Not only in India but in United Kingdom too love jihad are being reported but sadly “Muslim Love” of the left lobby is not letting them see the truth

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