Dear behen , ChandniPreeti Vijay Kumar Dinanath Chauhan Shah , get a sense of humor .

No , seriously . There is a vast difference between mocking someone and cracking a joke.Learn the difference .

@ra_bies indulges in dark humor and albeit very classy one . He has found fame via that . He is not mocking Mandira Bedi. He is cracking a joke on the situation .


Recently my uncle died and while everyone was sad, I just said that don’t worry , you will save money as you will not need your guard anymore as your husband will be watching over you . It was a joke on the situation . Not mocking the dead. Everyone laughed.

and Last I checked everyone had freedom of expression. So does ra_bies. Don’t like his joke or content, block him. I am a woman and I see nothing wrong in that joke. I see very classy and intelligent sense of humor . You are a lawyer , you should know the laws. I see nothing sexist in it or even wrong timing . No seriously upgrade your sense of humor.

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