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लवणं व्यञ्जनं चैव घृतं तैलं तथैव च ।
लेह्यं पेयं च विविधं हस्तदत्तं न भक्षयेत् ।।
धर्मसिन्धू ३पू. आह्निक

Salt, ghee, oil, rice and other food items should not be served with bare hand. Use spoons to serve.

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अनातुरः स्वानि खानि न स्पृशेदनिमित्ततः ।।
मनुस्मृति ४/१४४

Without a reason don’t touch your own indriyas (organs like eyes, nose, ears, etc.)

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अपमृज्यान्न च स्न्नातो गात्राण्यम्बरपाणिभिः ।।
मार्कण्डेय पुराण ३४/५२

Don’t use clothes already worn by you & dry yourself after a bath.

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हस्तपादे मुखे चैव पञ्चाद्रे भोजनं चरेत् ।।
नाप्रक्षालितपाणिपादो भुञ्जीत ।।
सुश्रुतसंहिता चिकित्सा २४/९८

Wash your hands, feet, mouth before you eat.

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स्न्नानाचारविहीनस्य सर्वाः स्युः निष्फलाः क्रियाः ।।
वाघलस्मृति ६९

Without a bath or Snan and Shudhi, all Karmas (duties,acts) done are Nishphal (fruitless).

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न धारयेत् परस्यैवं स्न्नानवस्त्रं कदाचन ।।
पद्म० सृष्टि.५१/८६

Don’t use the cloth (like towel) used by another person for drying yourself after a bath.

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अन्यदेव भवद्वासः शयनीये नरोत्तम ।
अन्यद् रथ्यासु देवानाम् अर्चायाम् अन्यदेव हि ।।
महाभारत अनु १०४/८६

Use different clothes while sleeping, while going out, while doing pooja.

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तथा न अन्यधृतं (वस्त्रं) धार्यम् ।।
महाभारत अनु १०४/८६

Don’t wear clothes worn by others.

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न अप्रक्षालितं पूर्वधृतं वसनं बिभृयाद् ।।
विष्णुस्मृति ६४

Clothes once worn should not be worn again before washing.

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न आद्रं परिदधीत ।।
गोभिसगृह्यसूत्र ३/५/२४

Don’t wear wet clothes.

11चिताधूमसेवने सर्वे वर्णाः स्न्नानम् आचरेयुः। वमने श्मश्रुकर्मणि कृते च।। विष्णुस्मृति २२

Take a bath on return from cremation ground. Take a bath after every haircut.

These precautions were taught to every Indian five thousand years ago in the Sanatana Dharma. We were forewarned about importance of maintaining personal hygiene, when no microscopes existed, but our ancestors using Vedic knowledge prescribed these Dharma as Sadaachaaram and followed these!

See in today’s scenario how true these are. सनातन ही सत्य है और सत्य ही सनातन है!
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