Condemning these incidents, the IMK party is going to engage in a protest based on the assembly constituent wise on Monday 20/7/2020 says Arjun Sampath

The Anti- social elements have attacked 4 temples last night in Coimbatore and degraded those temples.

The Pillayar temple near the railway station, Sri Maakaliamman temple, Kotaai Eeswaran temple and the nearby Pillayar temple and Nallampalayam Navagraha Sannidhis have been attacked and dishonored.

These incidents give agony and a shock to us. A report in request will be submitted to the Chief minister requesting the arrest of the criminals, removal of atheist inscriptions near these temples and the ban of DK ( Dravidar kazhagam) who continuously hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus.

It is so disappointing that the political parties which gave voice for degrading the Periyar statue did not give voice for these temples.

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