Hindu feminismThe culture of India has a spiritual tradition in which Hindu men and women have their ideals based on their spiritual self. The culture views women as a form of Shakti, the goddess, the female energy which battles good vs evil, which regenerates, which rests on creation and destruction.

This Navratri, a look at Feminism in Hindu mythology
Devi Syndrome

Marie-Louise Von Franz in her book Feminine in Fairytale attacked western world on the very first page for not giving an archetype to women for the upper realm of psyche. Actually, it was an attack on Monotheistic Abrahamic religions. In Judaism there is no women in the role of Prophet. In Christianity, there is Mary but In Islam, there is Aisha and some others, but all are incomplete in their feminine, there is no feminine as the highest point of Spirituality or the greatest energy.

 Marie-Louise Von Franz didn’t go deep in it but her book is a proof that she consider fairytale characters to be better archetype for women than any archetype taken from Abrahamic religions.
She is considered to be one of the greatest Jungian Psychologist and she knew well. Hinduism is the only religion in the present time that provide Archetype for upper realm of Psyche for Women.there can be archetype for psyche. It can be taken from popular culture,even fairytale but when it comes to upper spiritual realm of psyche,all the other are incomplete. Hindu women,The culture they are born into,the religion,the wisdom of Hindu Scriptures is a blessing to them. And it not only acknowledges the feminine Goddesses but celebrate and worship them! They are able to achieve the archetypal highest spiritual realm of psyche while while women of other religions are not this blessed.

Feminists do acknowledge this thing and this is why they started using Goddess Kali in their propaganda then, they started comparing themselves with Goddesses. And in India, things were similar. But it went even far when Bengali Feminists women started calling themselves “Devi”, and the trend became popular among other feminists of India. Later on, even Right wing of India adopted it and started comparing any other random Right wing girls Women are to be blamed for it but I would blame Men as well.

Is Hinduism feminist or patriarchal?

Because I have seen more Men calling girls as Devi than the other case., what’s the problem of comparing a girl with Devi? Well, I do not have theological knowledge, so I will just give my opinion based on what I know. So, the thing is, the archetype of Devi is spiritual, omnipresent, powerful and of highest value. And one additional point to add, it is “Flawless”
Goddesses are powerful, the highest point of feminine energy, they are powerful and greatest! Now, an average woman, just like any average man, is not perfect, far from being great spiritual being, they are not powerful and they are subject to weakness, doubt, laziness, vices and much more just like everyone else . So, when we compare themselves to Goddess archetype which is the highest realm of spiritual psyche, it gets polluted.And it will backfire.

Is the Hindu Goddess a Feminist? - #embodiedphilosophy

Consider an example. A girl says she is Goddess or like a Goddess. But then, as a human nature, she goes weak, lazy or gets into vices. Now what will happen? Delusional mindset! Because there is no integrity between words, belief and action!
Any person with full integrity will always be strong mentally. While any person who loses integrity will fall to mental health problem, delusion and depression. It’s quite understandable. When your own Psyche gets broken because of lies, either in your words or action. But you cannot lie to yourself. And this is the reason for the rise of Shadow self in soul, which bring many psychological and mental health problem. When a female says she is Goddess, or believe like it, but in the next moment, she falls for even as small thing as laziness,her psyche will lose integrity.she must be powerful,strong, and spiritual and can never fall for weakness or even laziness. But she fell for it. Now what? She will live in delusion and being unsatisfied with herself. And this loss of integration will lead to some unhappiness at best, and mental health problems at worse.
But another thing is that, we, Hindus, on Ashtami worship girl child. Isn’t it hypocrisy? No! Have you seen the pure laugh of a girl child? Damn! It’s so sweet, pure and spiritual. I am no lying but I would trade anything to get that pretty laugh of childhood, which is pure in its trait and so beautiful in function. But a 25-year-old bong feminist,

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who smokes and drinks and is into almost every vice possible isn’t worthy to be worshipped as Goddess so is a woman who is dharmic. Female folk does not have to discard the idea of Goddess, on the other hand, they should embrace it and worship it. But remember, Goddess Durga is to be worshipped and not to be compared with.
It just sounds so wrong. Can any random man compare himself to Maryada Purushottam Rama? NO! It just sounds so wrong. most of us don’t even have patience and have weaknesses. we are not perfect. we shouldn’t compare ourselves with God.
And the same goes for women folks as well. we should worship the Gods and Goddesses and try our best to become worthy of them and to fight for the glory of Ancestors. 

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