An excerpt from “Eminent Historians: Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud” by Arun Shourie on the historical revisionism done by the Communist government of West Bengal.

Arun Shourie’s book originally published in 1998 goes into detailed accounts of how a cartel of “Marxist” historians calling themselves as eminent, altered Indian history writing in way that Hindus lose a sense of pride in their history and are gaslit into feeling ashamed.

This particular excerpt shows how the Communist government of West Bengal issued a circular to revise school history textbooks by purging it of certain facts and twisting history to create a certain narrative.

A circular was issued in 1989 which instructed schools to remove “Aushuddho” or impurities from school history textbook and replace it with “Shuddho” or corrections.

Instructions were given to remove all references to atrocities committed by Islamic invaders, including killing and forced conversions of Hindus, and destruction of temples.

There is also whitewashing the history of Purdah. This would be important to know in the backdrop of protests by Muslim students for their wish to wear the hijab in February-March of 2022 (in actuality, the protestors were wearing full Burqas, not hijabs).

The West Bengal circular not only whitewashed the record of Islam in India but also added propaganda about Communism, with an added kick of supremacy of Islam and Christianity. This was in class 5 textbook. Catch ’em young!

In addition to whitewashing Turkic-Islamic cruelties on Hindus, there is erasure the role of Aligarh movement and Muslim League’s role in the Two Nation Theory. No wonder we have people today blaming Savarkar/RSS (and even BJP, which was born four decades after partition) for the partition.

The Communists’ loyalties certainly lay outside of India. They ignore a Bengali like Swami Vivekananda and sing paeans for a foreigner Marx. And general framework: denigrate Hinduism, extol Islam.

Thus, it is no wonder that a Bengali Hindu who is educated in this system comes out not only denying historical atrocities on Hindus but feeling ashamed to be one, while extolling Islam. This is even more cruel because Bengali Hindus bore the brunt of Direct Action Day and partition where millions of Bengali Hindus were massacred by Jinnah’s Islamic mercenaries.

Aftermath of Jinnah’s Direct Action Day. Corpses lay strewn in Calcutta with vultures ready to feast on them.
Aftermath of Jinnah’s Direct Action Day. Corpses lay strewn in Calcutta with vultures ready to feast on them.


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