There are many layers of genocide. When Islamists kill a Hindu in the valley, it’s only a life lost but Bharat also looses a pinch of hope of reviving it’s Civilizational crown. Also it creates trauma, fear and tension inside other people of the same community which can be many a times turn fatal.

Susheel Bhan who was a Prime Minister’s package employee had to give up his life due to high blood pressure. He lost his life in Udhampur, J&K. It was not merely a death caused by High blood pressure. The family of Susheel Bhan informed that Susheel was in depression ever since Rahul Bhat was killed by terrorists. He was taking a lot of stress following the murder of Rahul Bhatt. It must be noted that Kashmiri Hindus are protesting and asking the administration to relocate them so that they can work safely. Few days ago, young Kashmiri Pandit, Rahul Bhat who is a Govt Employee got killed by Islamists in Chadoora, Budgam of Central Kashmir. Terror attack took place at Tehsildar office in Chadoora. This is how Islamists killed a Hindu man without physically damaging him.

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