The Government of India is going to bring a big change in the syllabus of NCERT. The ruling party BJP has been saying for a long time that the invaders and the Mughals have been glorified in history. Curriculum changes being carried out by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) have removed many chapters from Islamic rulers while shortening many.

The Indian Express scoured nine existing history textbooks for classes 6 to 12 and compared them with the proposed curriculum changes in NCERT.

The investigation found that many major changes have been made in the curriculum related to Muslim rulers. Many pages related to the Delhi Sultanate have been removed from the Class 7 history textbook ‘Our Past – II’. It contains chapters related to Mamluk, Tughlaq, Khilji, Lodi and Mughal rulers.

Regarding these changes, it has been argued from NCERT that only government institutions take the decision regarding changes in syllabus and books. At present, the revision of the curriculum is to reduce the burden of studies on the children, so as to compensate for the loss caused during Corona.

Recently, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who arrived at a book release program on June 10, said that the history of the country has presented the Mughals prominently at the expense of empires like Pandya, Chola, Maurya, Gupta and Ahom and now “No one can stop us from rewriting it.”

  1. In Class 7 Our Past-II, Sultan has been removed from the name of Mahmud Ghazni, who attacked and destroyed Somnath temple in India.
  2. One chapter ‘Mughal Empire’ has been renamed as ‘Mughal’. Along with this, many chapters related to Akbar’s administration have been removed.
  3. The chapter named Delhi Sultan has been renamed from Delhi 12 to 15 century.
  4. The names of major Mughal subas such as Awadh, Bengal and Hyderabad have been dropped while chapters from Rajput, Maratha, Sikh and Jat have been retained.
  5. The chapter ‘The Central Islamic Lands’ of class 11 has been removed. In this it was told about the expansion of Islam from Egypt to Afghanistan.

In the political science book of 12th, the material related to the 2002 Gujarat riots will be removed under the chapter on Latest Events of Indian Politics. Along with this, it has also been decided to remove the National Human Rights Commission’s report on these riots, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s remarks on Rajdharma. The Mughal court has been removed from the history book of 12th itself. Poems based on the Dalit movement and material related to the Cold War are also being removed from the book of Political Science.

From the books of class 10th, the parts of communalism, secularism are being removed from the book of Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz from Religion to Communalism and from Politics to Poetry and Democratic Politics. At the same time, lessons like democracy and diversity, popular struggles and movements and challenges of democracy will also not be part of the curriculum. Similarly, the passage of Dalit writer Om Prakash is being removed from the book of social science of class VII and VIII. Lessons such as the major campaigns and events of the emperors have been omitted from the seventh grade book Our History-2.

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