Of course the title or message is not true. However, this is precisely what the idiot “journalists” from failed academic institutions continue doing in the name of “reporting” on India. The illiterate staff carried a story by Reuters without anyone bothering to check the facts.

The fake title of the story is super misleading and blatantly incorrect:

Indian State Ruled by Modi’s Party Bans Islamic Schools

More than 700 madrasas in Assam will be shut by April, the state’s education minister said. Opposition politicians called the move an attack on Muslims.

The article does not bother to fact check that a bill had been introduced to where PUBLIC FUNDS would not be used to indoctrinate young muslims toward jihadi, anti-India education.

So let’s take a lesson from this fake reporting and begin saying that the corrupt New York Times supports public funding to support American kids to learn the beauty of Islam via madrasas. Would that be fair?

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