Did you know thousands of Indians like you want to decolonise British maths and teach better Bharatiya Maths of Brahmagupta?

Strangely, the man behind the movement is an Aussie!

Now that Karnataka is taking the lead in promoting Indic maths maybe more states will follow the trend.

Here is a recent talk Crabtree gave for VHS Karnataka.

Click here to read what people say about teaching true Bharatiya Maths via Brahmagupta instead of broken British maths.

Having initially studied economics at the University of Melbourne, Jonathan J. Crabtree is an autodidact, studying the history of mathematics since 1983.

At age 7 Jonathan J. Crabtree noticed a deep 398-year-old problem. As if pulling a loose thread, he unravelled the feeble fabric of western math education to rebuild it from India’s ZERO!

Having been perplexed by several maths education errors during his school years, at age 21 Crabtree found himself in a hospital facing bleak news. If he moved, he might never walk again! With both his dreams and spine shattered, he prayed for a miracle and promised to fix maths if he ever walked again.

Today, elementary maths historian and www.podometic.in founder Jonathan J. Crabtree is a guest lecturer at schools, universities and mathematics conferences.

Having reviewed writings in Latin, Greek, Arabic, Sanskrit and other languages, his provocative presentations reveal how the foundations of Ancient Bharatiya (Indian) mathematics are vastly superior to many western ideas taught today.

If you would like to see true Bharatiya Maths make a revival to be taught like never seen before in India, you can SIGN THE PETITION in 30 seconds like 9,367 others have already done.


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