Is India Today a rapist, Islamist Sympathizer media? The question arises after India Today tried to hide the name of Shahrukh, who set Ankita on fire by putting petrol on her and replaced it with a Hindu name ‘Abhisekh’.


India Today changed the name of Shahrukh but did not even bother to write that this is a changed name. The media organization,India Today showed Shahrukh’s name as ‘Abhishek’ not only in the caption of the photo, but also in the news report. Though India Today has now written down Shahrukh’s real name after the protests, ‘India Today’ till now has hidden the name of Shahrukh Hussain from its headline and simply wrote that the ‘man’ who set the girl’s body on fire in Dumka, Jharkhand was found laughing while in police custody.







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