Is speaking bhojpuri shameful? Bhojpuri songs are becoming vulgar day by day, we must stop it and save our mother tongue.

Yesterday my brother said to me that our neighbour also speak Bhojpuri, so I said that what is special about it, we also speak Bhojpuri and if people will not speak Bhojpuri in Bihar then where would they speak.

So my brother said brother, when I talk to him in Bhojpuri, then these people say that we do not know Bhojpuri and speak to me in Hindi.

So I thought that why would anyone do this, my brother is definitely lying and I went to talk to them in Bhojpuri to prove my brother a liar. And I went to them and started talking in bhojpuri, but then they replied in Hindi. Then again I asked another question in bhojpuri but again they replied in Hindi. Then I thought there should be a little reminder and told them that I am talking to you in Bhojpuri and you are answering me in hindi, answer me in bhojpuri as you how to speak. So they said that we do understand Bhojpuri but not speak. They denied that they speak bhojpuri.

But my brother and I had heard them talking in Bhojpuri and he too was speaking well. Then I also saw some other people who were doing exactly like these people as they used to speak Bhojpuri at home with their family members but used to speak Hindi or English outside.

I would like to quote another example that is when younger brother was studying in Patna. At that time he was small kid and didn’t know how to speak Hindi as we speak bhojpuri only. Then on the first day in his school, he lost his bottle and after sometime a teacher came with his bottle and asked- “ kiska bottle hai.” Then my brother replied in bhojpuri and said – ” hamar ha.” Then when I went to school to take my brother home, then the teacher called me and said- “Your brother is talking in bhojpuri ,why don’t you teach him speaking Hindi. I said – “sir, my family do speak bhojpuri only.” Then he looked at me and smiled in sarcastic way. I understood what he was thinking.

Then I saw an uncle who used to refuse his child to speak Bhojpuri from the beginning and would give praise for speaking English or Hindi.

Then I realized many things and researched some points with some elderly people and then I came to conclusion that First we as bhojpuri need to respect this and speak with anyone without any hesitation.

Gradually I went to notice such people and found that about 60 to 70% of the people who came did so.

After knowing this, I became very confused, then I asked some other people, why do these people do this? So their reply was that these people try to show themselves more civilized in the society. So I said that those who speak Bhojpuri are uncultured. Recently, the President of Mauritius also spoke in Bhojpuri, is he also rude. Bhojpuri is also spoken proudly in Mauritius and Fiji. Are the people of these countries are also rude. So the person in front of me who had answered could not utter a single word then I understood that there is no logic to it, but the mindsets of people are like that only.

Now moving to main thing.

Are you Bihari and know how to speak Bhojpuri and also speak Bhojpuri at home but shy away from speaking to other person in Bhojpuri.

Why so?

Sometimes some other person from different state makes some vulgar comments or speaks about Bhojpuri then you postpone it by saying that you do not speak Bhojpuri or listen bhojpuri songs.

Is mother tongue also a thing to hide?

Have you ever seen a Punjabi person who does not speak Punjabi?

Have you ever seen any British and American who do not speak English?

The answer is no.

But you can see most of the Biharis does not speak Bhojpuri in order to maintain their social status.

Why so?

I am not saying that if you are Bihari then you have to speak Bhojpuri. So why do you hide in other states of your own country that you are not Bihari.

What is the need that a person has to hide his own identity.

To counter this, some of our Bihari friends will say that the word Bihari has become abusive.

People will not respect if they call themselves Bihari.

So should I appeal to the people of other states of India to change their mindset towards Biharis or should I fight the same people of Bihar who have made this Bhojpuri language vulgar and abusive, and also degrading the term ‘Bihari’ and due to that Biharis would not like to be termed themselves as bihari.

As in the first option in which we always keep telling people from other states to change their mindset, regrettably these people still have the same mindset as before, so I thought it would be better to fix it from inside.

So I think I will have to reform my own Bihari people first, to convince those who are engaged in bringing the word Bihari or Bhojpuri language into disrepute and still malign but I and you cannot improve it, you know why? Because these people are very powerful, why will these people listen to us? If you say something against them, then understand that you are going to suffer a lot and maybe you are giving your death feast!

I am saying this because a woman journalist has just named it Srishti Srivastava who tried to expose Bhojpuri’s vulgar songs through a YouTube channel called Janta Junction. But she is facing a lot of abuses and warnings. But she was not afraid of their warnings but confronted them, and in the next video again exposed Bhojpuri’s vulgar songs.

We are in dire need of more people like Srishti Shrivastava. And we have to support these people who are against making Bhojpuri vulgar.

Although except for a few singers who want to pursue Bhojpuri and sing good songs, most of them are trying their best to make Bhojpuri vulgar. The vulgarity in the song video of which is full of vulgarity. Whose songs can make your mind go sour. whose imagination is so much that they only see women as sex objects. And you can never listen to these songs with family members. That’s why bhojpuri songs videos are also termed as soft porn.

.Their songs are polluting the entire society, filling such poison in the minds of small children who grow up to speak more Bhojpuri and some speak in such a way that it defames it. But the extent is when this Bhojpuri audience also wants that such songs are made, there are views in the milions of such obscene songs, but the views on some of Bhojpuri’s best songs (which are not vulgar) are much less than these obscene songs. 

So it is in Bihar that the trend now is to make vulgar songs and become a superstar singer. If you do not believe, then go check the history of any Bhojpuri superstar singer. Initially, he must have gone to mostly vulgarsongs, I guarantee that. (Though one or two Bhojpuri singers can be an exception).

Foolish people can sing a song in bhojpuri in just two or three thousand rupees with do much of auto tune and editing. And they get views in millions because people are loving those vulgar songs only. Do not ask Bhojpuri movies, in this, the lesson of vulgarity is taught.

But sadly, no step has been taken from government to introduce a sensor board. And allows to defame bhojpuri language.

And nowadays casteism has also entered Bhojpuri, in which these singers are engaged in calling their castes superior and discrediting other castes. The songs that are coming out of Casteism are a series in which the singer describes his caste as good and maligns other castes.

Songs of Bhojpuri singers promote social evils like rape.

Some people are trying their best to bring back the glory of bhojpuri also. There are some novels in bhojpuri, one must read those instead of listening these vulgar songs. A person has translated whole Ramcharitramanas in bhojpuri, but very less people know about these things because they are busy listening these vulgar songs. So one should also try to look into the positive aspects of the language. Bidesia, kajri,chaita and bhikhari thakur songs have vanished from the bhojpuri culture.

We as audience also need to understand this and we should not listen these type of songs which are vulgar. So say no to vulgar songs and vulgar artist which are defaming our language.

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If you are a fan of singers who sing these vulgar songs, then it is requested that you do not become a partner in defaming your beloved mother tongue Bhojpuri because of your role model singers.

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