Karnataka has seen three riots in one year from December 2019, yes THREE RIOTS

They (Seculars, Intellectuals etc.) say it all started because of CAA and NRC but that’s not true, it all started because of radical Islamic terrorists. Let’s say CAA is against Indian Muslims (Which is not) why didn’t they approach the courts and bring this up there? Our courts have opened door @ 3 AM to hear a mercy petition of bloody terrorists, point I am trying to make here is our courts are approachable by anyone for anything and that’s the beauty of democracy. CAA Riots in the name protest bough the city of Mangalore and Karnataka state to stand still. On December the 19th 2019 Mangalore witnessed deadly violence by barbaric radical Islamists who vandalized all that they could see on street from house to vehicles to police personnel.  

This noxious group of terrorists on 19th of December took refuge in hospital ICU to save themselves from lati charge. Yes, a hospital ICU that’s monstrous (Just like those JNU terrorists took refuge in library) and all this defying section 144 which imposed from the start of the day.

CCTV footage showed how stones where supplied in gunny bag with help of goods carrying vehicle. This was not a protest this was a preplanned terrorist attack by radical Islamic terrorists. These terrorists mob had prior experience in rioting I can say that because the rioters vandalizing public assets made every effort to destroy the evidence by blocking the CCTV cameras. Rioters well prepared with stones and prior experience of pelting started their work which they consider to be holy (Pelting stones) at Azizuddin Road, huge mob and police trying to control and things went haywire rioters started pelting stones and petrol bombs at police personnel which injured many police personnel this is when police used armed rifles to shoot rioters. One was shoot in the eyes and the other was shot in the chest both succumbed to death on the way to hospital.

Home minister of Karnataka Basavaraj Bommai said “Riyaz Farangipet, a PFI office-bearer had made an inflammatory speech saying even if the police or Army comes, they would not yield. He has a history of instigating people in North India. He had sent out messages to West Bengal and Bihar, inviting them [supporters] to Mangalore. The state will suffer if you try to indirectly support groups like PFI. The police were efficient in handling the situation. Let me tell you such incidents will spread further across the state,”

It is evident that the riots were preplanned because these expert rioters were invited and imported from Kerala (Gods own country, once) these rioters have had previous history of rioting and criminal activity. Experienced rioters like Abdul Jaleel and Nausheen who were booked for rioting in 2014 had their presence felt here which was later confirmed by the home minister himself “It is true that rioters came from Kerala. There are many routes connecting Kasaragod to Mangalore and it takes only 45 minutes. We tracked the phones during the time of rioting and found 1,000 mobiles from Kasaragod in the vicinity of the riots and 373 persons were issued notices to verify their role. If they can provide satisfactory replies, we will let them free,” said the home minister

Then comes the Chief minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa on 21st of December to “DISAPPROVE” the police action he said “Police should not take law into their hands, and were expected to act only on goonda elements, not common men. If any police officer is found targeting common man, the government will take strict action against such officials,”

How I wish CM could throw some light on how to distinguish between common men and goonda’s, what was common men doing in front of police personnel with stones and petrol bombs in hand?

Will write about the other two terrorist attacks very soon…

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