Despite being a secular nation different state governments in india forcefully controlling more than 4 lakh hindu temples. This is only the violation of basis fundamental right of majority hindu group but also against the spirit of constitution. Temple were designed built florish and managed by hindu community from centuries. Temples were centre of vedic hindu culture, festivals, wealth and education and it runs gosala, vedshala and different educational institutes. First times in 1925 the madras hindu religious endowments act was passed by britishers for taking the control of temples because temples were centre of india’s freedom movement and wealth.

After independence, indian government was not different from britishers as they tightened their control over temples by passing different laws. while churches and mosques are free government control. One of the law was Bihar hindu Religious trusts act 1950 which allow state government to take control all hindu temples in bihar. In last 70 years bihar state board of religious trusts fail to complete its responsibility. temple’s lands was encroached, idols were stolen, temples were ruined and education institute related to temple were destroyed. Only 4600 temple out of 1 lakh temple is registered with board. Appointment of board member is on basis on political association whom they have no knowledge and dedication to save temples. even after 70 year board don’t have permanant office or building no staff and no wealth. Chief minister of bihar nitish kumar during his 16 year tenture spend 40 crores for anjuman islamia hall , 400 crore for graveyard fencing and 25 crore sanctioned for repairing and rebuilding madsarasa in 3 district nalanda, darbhanga and aurangabad and plan to built waqf board buliding in every district of bihar. While bihar dharmic nyas parishad given 1 crore in 2012-13 and 2 crore in 2015-16.

The board was dismissed from 2016 and and temples was under the guidence of god since 5 years. The nitish government woke up after the order of high court during the hearing of famous vishnupad temple, gaya and starts taking aurangzebi decision of imposing 4% taxes on every hindu temple even on private temple. It is high time to dismissed the british law of controlling hindu temple and give there management to hindu saint and devotees because devotees are the soul of temple. We have a very good example of iskcon temple management which is being run by devotees. Government official are not aware and trained in vedic scriptures ,temple rituals and temple management. Government can run museum not temples. In recent decision, the Supreme court give verdicts that god is owner of all temple wealths and government can not take the control of temple for long and Temples should be managed by devotees, not government. It is right time to correct the historical mistakes and free all hindu temple from the clutches of government. Continuation of this type of unconstitutional law was weaken the believes of its citizens in government, courts, system and constitution.

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