After 20 years of armed and well equiped battle against Taliban now Afghanistan is watching it’s bad days. Everyday civilians are being tortured physically, many ex officials of Afghanistan’s government agencies and activists are being detained from their houses without providing any details to their family members. Such dictatorship is not only limited to civilians or ex-officials or any activists but also imposed on journalists.

After the promoters of “Sharia” law came to power Freedom of Press seems to be subject to market risk in Afghanistan. As per reports published by RSF(Reporters Without Borders) Afghanistan’s media seems to be totally changed under Taliban government. According to surveys by Afghans Independent Journalists Association nearly 50% of media outlets have been shut down under Taliban’s government. By this 60% of journalists and 80% of female journalists have lost their jobs. Before Taliban’s government 543 media outlets were operating in Afghanistan out of which only 312 were operating during the month of November. Before coming to power Taliban’s ex-spokesperson Mr. Suhail Shaheen gave thousands of interviews to media and made huge promises, during interviews he told that Taliban is highly concerned about Women Rights and Freedom of Press. Here the situation on ground is totally different from the scripted answers of Taliban’s ex-spokesperson during interviews.

The numbers are enough to put a question mark on Taliban’s credibility to run a country. If arbitrariness of Taliban government against media continues the way it is then Taliban’s dictatorship will be more worst than that of Adolf Hitler and after watching it’s bad days Afghanistan may start moving towards the 7th century Islam which is not a symptom of a developing nation.

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