This is a question that worries every thinking human being. To such a simple question there is no simple answer. Hate is never simple. Just as humans have infinite (albeit rare) capacity to love, they also have infinite capacity to hate and sadly this is not so rare.

It is simply not possible for one human to hate another so much that they would not just wish the other dead but do everything in their capacity to exterminate them. To hate another human so much is simply not possible. The only way such hate is possible is when one reduces the other to something less than human. And no one does this better than the proverbial “Peaceful community”. Sadly they constitute 1/3 of human population and are trained to hate from a very young age. If nothing else they know how to HATE

Fear of the modern world and resentment and hostility toward the non muslims run deep in many muslim societies. So is it a responsibility of non muslims to address this fear or is it incumbent on their leaders and religious scholars to reform their endemic fear?

From the dawn of this ideology in the sands of Arabia, hate has been the driving force of its expansion. It paints everyone opposed to it as kaffir – a subhuman even lower than an animal and makes it incumbent upon every one of its followers to wage relentless war against the kaffirs, irrespective of their crime or guilt. War & extermination of the non believer, through sword, conversion or enslavement has been the only aim of every one of this ideology’s follower. If anyone did not subscribe to this hateful ideology then he too was branded a kaffir and set up for extermination.

This ideology uses Hate & Fear to propagate and keep its folk together, tightly bound in a perpetual, suffocating “brotherhood”.

HATE – for anything that the clergy determines as not ideologically pure or islamic enough. Particularly intense hate is reserved for the kaffir or anyone who has rejected the call to dawa’h. Hate for the kaffir is codified in their religious texts and discourse. It is reinforced daily by their clergy through various means like the khutba.

FEAR – It is also codified in their religious texts that anyone who does not follow the doctrine of hate preached to them by the clergy is a Mulhid – someone who has left their brotherhood and he is declared Qabil-e-Qtl.

Besides the above, the concept that drives the fundamentalist ideology, fuels the hate is the concept of al-wala’wa-l-bara’. This simple declaration animates the Jihadists ideology. It means “to love and hate for sake of Allah”. As Sheikh Abdul-Azeez ibn Baaz, the longtime Saudi grand mufti explains this phrase as – One loves or hates for the sake of allah. The faithful loves the people of imaan (faith) and taqwaa (God consciousness) for the sake of allah while he hates the people of disbelief, evil and disobedience for sake of allah. The faithful has no view in the matter. He does, behaves and reacts only according to the will of allah. However the catch is that only the hafiz & the clergy is able to interpret the will of allah.

Accordingly, the only relationship possible between a muslim and a non muslim (kaffir) is that of active enmity or passive hate. It is thus logically impossible to love allah and without hating anyone and anything that is deemed to stand against it, be it idea, behavior, conduct , individual or society.

There can never be any Bhai Chara or Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb, there is no Sanjhi Virasat. It will always be the “faithful” and the kaffir

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