Known Khalistan Sympathizer and MP, Simranjit Singh Mann once again raised his voice for the creation of sovereign country Khalistan. This time he came up with a unique and strange logic to keep his demand of Khalistan on the table. Simranjit Singh Mann of Shiromani Akali Dal stated that creation of Khalistan will avert nuclear war in the South Asia.


Khalistan Sympathizer and MP, Simranjit Singh Mann said “First, they (BJP-led Central govt) should answer whether they can keep India intact or not. If they will approve Khalistan then it’ll become a buffer state. Islamic Pakistan has nuclear weapons, Hindu India has nuclear weapons, Comrade China has nuclear weapons, and Khalistan would become a buffer state of these three states and it will ensure there is never a nuclear war in South Asia”. The pro-Khalistan MP said that the demand for Khalistan was alright since India was “giving away its land to Pakistan and China”. He even targeted Haryanvis. He said “You should be ashamed that instead of Hariyanvi a Punjabi has been made CM of Haryana and is ruling upon you. Gangsters are from Haryana and not from Punjab”.


Few days ago Khalistani separatist Simranjit Singh Mann of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) has won a by-poll election in Punjab from his constituency Sangrur. After 23 years Simranjit Singh Mann again makes big in the headlines. A rabid India hater who proudly flaunts his anti-India mindset in every platform he gets.

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