Women are the building blocks of the society. Their role in a family is multi-dimensional. They as a daughter, sister, friend, lover, wife, mother etc. influence lives of various men related to them. It is them, who is the care taker of the whole family, and it is their teachings to their kids that shapes our next generations. Hence a society is hugely influenced by its women and any ill-effect on the well-being of our women may adversely affect the society in long term and lead to its deterioration.
In Ancient India wars were fought between the various Hindu kings but these wars were limited to the pre-decided battle fields and it was fought only among the soldiers of rivals. In none of these wars we ever see that the victor’s army unleashing barbaric cruelty on the citizens of the defeated kingdom. But with the advent of I$lamic invasion of India, barbarism, violence and cruelty saw a new surge, whenever a Mu$lim ruler/sultan was victorious, mindless violence and bloodshed was released on the common citizen of the defeated Hindu Kingdom. Men butchered, women mass-raped to death by Mu$lim soldiers, Young girls captured as sex slaves for the Mu$lim sultan, Young boys castrated and made eunuch to serve in the sultan’s household and all their property looted & set ablaze. It should be ascertained from the chapters of the Mediaeval history that destroying the Hindu society and targeting the Hindu women has always been a practice of Radical I$lamist since the days of Arab conquest of Sind 712 A.D.
Recent examples of such acts could be seen in the extensive use of sexual violence against Hindu women during the Partition of India and Pakistan 1947, even during the Bangladesh Liberation War 1971 there was a state sponsored mass-rapes of Bangladeshi Hindus by the Pakistan army and also during the Kashmiri Hindu’s Genocide in 1990s horrific incidents of gangrapes have come up.

So, what is love jihad?

Killings, Murders, Gangrapes, Lynching, Bombings and other terrorist activities have been a part of Hard Jihad to pressurise the whole world to convert to I$lam. But for those who cannot resort these violent means openly, there is Soft Jihad where these Radical elements aim for domination through demographic growth, thus by increase their population in such a rate that sooner or later they will be in majority in the country and capture constitutional positions through elections and hence dictate the law of the land into adherence with Sharia. LOVE JIHAD is one such tactics.
LOVE JIHAD urges Mu$lim men to target Non-Mu$lim women for conversion into I$lam by means of seduction, wooing, deception, kidnapping and marriage, and to produce as many children as they could to increase the Mu$lim population hence serving for the purpose of I$lamisation of the country. It is also known as GROOM JIHAD or GROOM GANGS in the Western Countries. Talking about the Indian scenario, Inter-faith marriages are not bad but the main problem with Love Jihad is that these Mu$lim men use deceptive means to conceal their identity and projects themselves as a Hindu until physical and sexual relation have not been established. Once sexual relation has been established there is no going back for the girl even after knowing the truth.

Modus Operandi

In most Hindu colonies, there are some Mu$lims working as a tailor “Darzi” or as a fruit seller “Reri-walla” or has a local puncture shop or does any such meagre works. Along with earning their livelihood these people also have a duty of carrying out soft Jihad towards the Kaffirs. Hence, they keep an eye on young gullible teenaged Hindu girls of their area. All this information about the girl’s family, their background, number of members, her siblings, timings of her school, tuition and any other activities for which she goes out of her home or when she is alone are noted.
These information are shared with young Mu$lim men who are in their late teens or early twenties and can be potential candidate to trap these girls. Mostly, girls from humble background are targeted so that after any crime has been committed, their family may not be able to take prolonged legal battle to save their daughter. Nuclear family with both parents working, single daughters are also top on their priority list as they could be suppressed easily.
Sooner after this, a Boy with Hindu name and identity is placed in the life of the girl. He starts following her, trying hard to woo and impress her. At times a female Mu$lim mutual friend’s help is also taken to get the guy introduced to the girl. Main principle is to create a deception that the boy is also a Hindu. These brainwashed elements who participate in these activities have financial backing from the Arab countries, they stoop so low that to conceal their identity they often wear tilak on their forehead and “Molly Dhaga” (a sacred red coloured thread in Hindus) on their wrist which is Haraam in I$lam.
It is common in today’s busy schedule that parents are unable to provide the love, care and attention to their child which they deserve. This opportunity is grabbed by these trained Love-Jihadis, they create a delusion that they are such a loving and caring personality. Thus, the tender heart of Hindu girls, unaware of the reality falls in love with this type of guys. These guys show themselves as open-minded and liberal persons during the initial phase of relationship. To project themselves from well-off families they also bring expensive motorcycles or cars, wear 1st copy of branded clothes and accessories, all these being borrowed from their friends and family, as they have a complete support of their community to trap and convert a Hindu girl.
Once the girl is convinced and falls in love, their next target is to collect an obscene photograph or video of a nude video call or while making sexual relation with the targeted girl. There after this happy phase of relationship continues until the boy desires to take sexual pleasures from the girl. At this point the truth is revealed, that the guy she loved is a Mu$lim and his sole purpose was to trap her into love and convert her to I$lam. Even after knowing the truth that she was being cheated, most of the girls have developed such an attachment for these perpetrators that they can’t leave them and agree to convert. Those of the girls with strong emotional stability, who resist and wants to free herself from this trap are blacked mailed on the basis of the obscene images and videos. Only a few of these girls have the courage to speak out everything to their parents and take a legal course of action, even attempts on these girls of acid attack, abduction, gang-rape and murder are made.
When the girl agrees to marry, she is converted to I$lam, Nikaah is held. In most of these cases the girls find out that their beloved ones are already married and they were just a target to be achieved, hence they end up being 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife of these men. There modern and liberal lifestyle takes a 180-degree turn. They are locked within the house of their in-laws, draped in a Burkha from head to toe, made to do household work as a maid and at the end of the day left to face brutal marital rape in hand of her Jihadi husband. Rest of her life she leads as a baby-making machine and at times when her age withers, she is given divorce and thrown out of the house.

As a society what we can do to stop this social evil?

  1. Parents need to speak up with their daughters from the beginning of their vulnerable teenage about the sinister plan of these Radical I$lamist to change India’s religious demography through Love-Jihad. These teachings at home will make our daughters aware and they won’t end up being a pawn in hands of these Jihadi lover boys.
  2. Parents should also spare some time from their work schedule, and keep eye on what their daughters are doing. Who she meets before, in or after her school, tuition or coaching? Parents must know everyone in their daughter’s friend circle.
  3. Friends and Brothers, must ensure that none of his Mu$lim friends are using him as a ladder to acquaint themselves with your female friend or sister.
  4. Girls must also take proper care before befriending any such anti-social elements. Social media IDs or recommendations by mutual friends doesn’t guarantee anyone’s authenticity. These people flaunt their Hindu identity so it becomes very difficult to identify these devious men. If your family is open minded you must share, the activities of this dubious guy that suddenly came into your life, at least with your mother. Parents have a better and prolonged understanding of this cruel world so they will surely give you a proper judgement. If not parents then, you could approach your elder sister or brother or cousins (anyone knowledgeable).
  5. For girls who are currently entrapped in any such situation, you have to take your parent’s help, there is no other way to escape this. After informing your parents, take help of legal remedies along with asking any Right-Wing organisation, in your area for help, as they will stand by you and your family, if the police department makes excuses to act against these Radicals

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Hope you all like my article and rather than blaming any other community for their wrongs we must spread awareness in our community and make it strong so that our future of our next generations are secured.

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