On 24th September ,Terrorist Zakir Naik shared a matrimonial post on Facebook to hunt for a wife for his son Fariq. Zakir Naik categorically stated in his matrimonial post that one of the essential qualities he is searching is that the girl should be able to propagate Islam to non muslims. Islamist Zakir Naik is also involved in the same work of spreading Islam since many years.

In his matrimonial post on Facebook Zakir Naik wrote ” I am looking for a wife for my son Fariq, a virtuous Muslim Girl of good character, such that my son and his wife can be a source of guidance and strength for each other. If you are the father or relative of a girl you think is eligible, and who agrees to look into this, I would humbly request you to respond to this post with the required information.” The hate preacher listed out the qualities that he has been actively seeking in the future wife for his son.One of the necessary qualities that such a girl must possess is the art of proselytism Da’wah. He outlined, “Passionate about Da’wah and spreading the teachings of Islam, Willing to fully support and encourage her husband in Da’wah activities”.

It should be noted that Zakir Naik has been involved in many radical activities. Zahran Hashim, the leader of the National Thowheeth Jama’ath which carried out the 2019 Sri Lanka Easter Bombings, had praised Naik for inciting Muslims without being banned and had asked “What can Sri Lankan Muslims do for Dr Zakir Naik?”. After the attacks Sri Lankan cable TV channels stopped broadcasting PeaceTV.Indian prime minister Narendra Modi slammed Zakir Naik in one of his electoral publicity visit in May 2019, saying that, Sri Lanka bombing was inspired by him and in spite of that the Congress supports Zakir Naik.When the National Investigation Agency arrested Mohammad Ibrahim Yazdani, the head of Islamic State’s Hyderabad module in India, upon interrogation it was revealed that the operatives were influenced by Zakir Naik’s sermons and wanted to establish Shariah law as in Islamic state.

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